Over the last few days more information regarding the ordering process for a OnePlus One have been released via the company’s forum. Rather than the traditional pre-order system, people interested in buying the device will need to receive an invitation to do so first. OnePlus believe this will offer customers a better experience and prevent the situation where a large number of people are all trying to order a phone at the same time.

Of course we have also seen this method used before to build anticipation for devices and services (think Mailbox and Aviate) but it’s not without its own risks. While it does offer a somewhat better ordering experience, if you create hysteria with customers scrambling to get invitations, the product better be good when people finally get in!

So how do you get an invitation? OnePlus says: Invites will be made available through friends, contests, and on this forum (you have not been forgotten). We value thoughtful contributions from active fans. Once you’ve bought a OnePlus One, you’ll also become eligible to invite your friends in the future.

Since they released this information there has been some valid concerns raised by potential customers regarding people selling on invitations and regarding the availability of invitations to people who are not active members of the forum. OnePlus have responded to both concerns with the following statements:

Update 1: Some have voiced concerns about there being a second market for invites. The Invite System was designed to counter this from the start, with us having full control over distribution and expiry times. The re-sale of invites will not be a major issue.

Update 2: We have received some great feedback over the past few hours, and understand that not everyone likes to hang out on online forums. I want to clarify that both those who have supported us from the beginning on the forums, and those who have been interested but not registered on the forums will have ways to get invites.

Since this info was released, we have also got to see some leaked images of the device. Up to this point the marketing machine behind the smartphone has drip fed details of the device at a fairly constant pace. From different component specs to pricing, most of the details about the phone are out in the open but up until now we had not laid eyes on it. The leaked images are included in the gallery below




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