Twitter now indexes every public tweet since 2006 and the entire index will be searchable. If you want to read those tweets that came from Abottabad the night Bin Laden was killed, read reaction to various key moments over the years, or simply relive some of your own personal moments on Twitter, it will all now be possible.

The change will roll out over the upcoming days and when it does roll out to you there will be an index of approximately half a trillion tweets to search through.

Twitter has always had a pretty robust search engine however now it will be even more complete than ever before. Twitter has always mentioned that it has been their goal to have a system where users could search through and for any tweet that has ever been published and soon that goal will now be realised.

The search engine has excelled when it comes to searching for more recent tweets such as breaking news and also real-time events. The real-time index contained up to a weeks worth of recent tweets for people to search through. The full index is said to be over 100 times larger than the real-time index with several billion tweets being added each week.

The company started working on this index in 2012 when they built a smaller ‘historical index’ which featured 2 billion of its top tweets. In 2013 they expanded the index even further and now in 2014 the index is complete. Users will be able to search all the tweets ever published on desktop and mobile platforms and will also be able to set a specific date range to search through too.

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