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What’s your background briefly?

I left the school system at the age of 14 and prior to that didn’t really pay that much attention to it. School wasn’t my thing at all because it was too conditioning and forced. At 16 I set up a business buying and a selling sports gear from watches to socks, those white ones with coloured bands at the top 🙂

Then at 18 I found myself homeless and was never one to ask for help and certainly never asked for money. I then found a job on commission only, in the insurance industry and worked that for 9 months before setting up my first business at 19 which I still own today Moorhouse Group Ltd /

Over the past 26 years I have invested in many sectors from recruitment, hospitality, publishing, various online businesses with my latest ventures being in Blockchain and outsource services for contact centre, software development and digital marketing.

I have current investments in 7 businesses that are either startup mode, intermediate or advanced businesses and from the financial services to services and technology.

Does it seem like a logical progression to where you are now?

Nothing in the universe is logical. Everything is opportunistic. If you are open to what the universe is showing you then you will take the steps to grab opportunities that present themselves everyday.

How do you balance all your interests / what’s a typical day like?

I keep everything in my head to start. I guess having an ability to recall key things is good and the innate ability to mentally throw trash into the trash can of my brain really helps. I avoid gossip and meaningless chatter, that’s what hits the trash. This leaves my Brain Space open for more meaningful things that directly impact my life in a positive way and that I can act on.

I tend to get up when I feel like, I usually sleep for about 5 hours. Check my emails and reply, then go to meetings. However, I also take a day now and then. This means I may wake up and decide I do not want to work so cancel any meetings and re arrange them and just hang around doing nothing meaningful.
Other than taking a day, I tend to be the ideas person and strategic person who can get the job done and get it executes using all stakeholders skills to do so. Its not an easy task due to the closed mindsets of the human species. I perceiver and drive hard but fairly providing opportunity for everyone to develop their skills and know how.

Delighted to see you have philanthropic included in your list of key words. What’s your particular interest? and, as an investor how does it guide your decisions?

My interest in Philanthropy revolves around mainly health and focuses prevention rather than cure. I have recently become an ambassador for Cardiff University Cancer Stem Cell research and have donated a substantial amount of money to them so they can continue with their research as well as assist them commercialising a product to raise mor funds. there is a serious lack amount of grants and money form anywhere for preventive because the pharmaceuticals make no money from it !

I also set the community fund where the community can apply for funds to do good things such as replace learning toys for creche due to ether damage, or support an OAPs home to take everyone out for the day. We do a lot more and always raising money for something.

It is really important to give back and do something to improve the human species.

What trends are you excited about at the moment?

Blockchain is my latest thing and seeing how that may change industries for the better. Virtual Reality (VR) also excites me as the possibilities it holds from medical to business applications. Health and how technology has advanced is good but putting the power and information into the peoples hands is still yet to come so who knows maybe I will do something there at some stage.

What tips would you give to people starting out in business today?

Never falter. Stick with your idea but get great advice from experience. There are so many cowboys and miss informed so called “mentors” giving advice that damages businesses and stops many startups getting off the ground. Business is basics, every business has the same components, issues and challenges. A startup is no different to a company with 200 employees. Get great at marketing and get to understand how to deploy capital and when. Its not hard and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, be open to self development, Google is a big place so anything can be learned super quick now.

What things do you think hold people back?

Belief. And I am not talking about religion. We are a species of followers and we listen far too much to other peoples opinions even when it comes from no experience. You get told that you need money to start a business, you get told it wont work, you get told that you have kids and a mortgage don’t risk it, you get told you need a business. All of these things and more stop you doing anything. And quite often the people telling you, have regrets for not doing something themselves so it makes them feel better to tell you not to do it.

Look, you don’t need money, maybe a little sometimes but the little is like £500 perhaps less. You certainly do not need a business plan, you have the idea in your head and in your drawings or written lists. Believe in it, listen to your gut, always.

In society many things hold us back from other people to politics to the “rules” everyone lives by. Opinions are great until they cause you unnecessary stress and what other people think of you is far too prominent and influential. Selfies, what do you think of this or that, how do I look and a lot more. Be happy with who you are and spend your time on this planet learning about yourself, that way you will be happier and accept a lot more.

Looking back is there anything you would have done differently?

In my personal life plenty. In my business life it is everything for a reason. If the universe is not aligned then its not meant to be and its not meant to be for a reason, because there is better to come and more for me to do. Almost sound religious but I am not religious at all, I do believe that we are an energy and we are surrounded by energy so make the waves and accept what happens next then make more and more.

Sam Kelly speaks highly of her time working with you, how important do you feel the ‘people side’ of managing companies is?

People are the most important asset you have and the most complex. Buildings, desks, cars, paintings, big house, villa none of it matters because they do not improve your well being or your business.

It is your role as the leader of a business small, large global, I don’t care, to identify strengths in people and help them succeed in their careers and in fact in life. I have made many errors by leaving people empowered without controls in place. My experience and learning has taught me that people, generally, need leadership and guidance and cannot be left to make cold decisions for your business. They have to have certain open guidance and a lot of transparency to assist them to understand the drivers and missions so that they can become better, more productive employees that deliver great outcomes.

I like to impact lives positively and respect everyone on the planet, we are all the same species despite our creed, religion, beliefs, sex, orientation, age or job. It really is time to be one, not maintain this world of war and fighting for “money” or for “religion”. Who cares if you have more than me, or believe in one thing and I another. We still laugh and eat and drink together and enrich each others lives, and this is what matters in the end when our time is up and we look back as to what we did to improve the human species.

Anything else I should have asked / you’d like to add?

I give freely so feel free to go to follow me on twitter @lyndonx or connect with me on Linkedin Lyndon Wood

Happy to assist where I can.

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