Last November we ran an article about Nigel Owens and some flight difficulty he was having when he was trying to get an Aer Lingus flight over to referee the Ireland v Australia rugby game. Long story short, Nigel’s flight was delayed for several hours, he complained on social media and the Ryanair marketing team were on hand to take advantage, which they did in fantastic fashion.

Well, almost three months on and Nigel is at it again and it is only fair that we share the latest event in the now unfolding Nigel Owens – Ryanair – Aer Lingus love triangle. Is it just me or does the man seem to have massive trouble flying? This time Nigel was booked to travel out of Bristol airport to referee the Leinster v Zebre game with Ryanair.

However, he left his passport behind and this turns out to be a big deal when you are using Ryanair. He tweeted Ryanair looking for some much needed assistance, however the airline which had masterfully swooped in several months ago with some clever marketing, was not so masterful in their customer service.

After Ryanair failed to offer any form of assistance to the stranded referee, it was looking like Owens was going to have to make the drive home for his passport and be late for the kickoff of the game.

However, the Aer Lingus social media team were on the ball and were quick to come to the assistance of Nigel at the expense of their rival airline, how the tables seem to have turned in this one!

Well played by the Aer Lingus social media team, as I pointed out in the article I ran in November, a fantastic bit of marketing on their side which grabs the attention of the public and gets people talking. Exactly the opportune moments Twitter can be great for.

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