Nexus, an advanced peer to peer network and digital currency (NXS), today announced its listing on RightBTC, Dubai’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

RightBTC is the only global coin to coin exchange in Dubai, and will allow Nexus’ growing international following the opportunity to get involved in the Nexus project of using blockchain technology and digital currencies to make the world a better place. RightBTC will make Nexus accessible to Dubai and the UAE, a portion of the world that is making major progress as a leader in both digital assets and blockchain technology. Dubai recently disclosed its efforts to become the world’s first blockchain based government including plans to process over 100 million documents each year on the technology.

“With the world’s first 3D-Chain, advanced contracts and commitment to speed, security and scalability, Nexus is dedicated to having a prominent presence in Dubai and ensuring the country knows what we have to offer that can significantly propel their blockchain goals forward,” said Colin Cantrell, Nexus Founder and Chief Architect.

Nexus currently charges a very small transaction fee to cover miner costs when trading on the RightBTC platform and is capable of processing up to 80+ transactions per second. As Nexus continues to grow, the capabilities offered will become more advanced.  With the implementation of Nexus’ 3D-Chain, Nexus will be able to sustain more transactions than any digital currency to date. The Nexus 3D Chain scales to handle more transactions as the node count grows, making it one of the fastest blockchains in existence. Nexus is currently listed on a number of exchanges in different parts of the world including Bittrex, Coinspot, Cryptopia, Upbit and more.

About Nexus

Nexus is an innovative open source blockchain technology, designed to better the world through advanced peer to peer networks and digital currency. With the world’s first 3D Chain, Nexus solves the current challenges of speed and scalability in the cryptocurrency industry. Nexus is one of the most secure blockchains in existence and provides world class quantum security by using larger and more elaborate hashes together in a Merkle Tree to create unalterable locked transactions. The future of Nexus combines satellites, ground based mesh networks, and blockchain technology to facilitate the formation of a decentralized internet. Nexus empowers people to take control of their financial freedom and help humanity in the process.  For more information visit

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