Vodafone Ireland have launched new plans that bring something new to the Irish market. The plans range from 35 euro to 75 euro and offer various amounts of world wide calls and texts as well as limited to unlimited calls and texts to national and Irish Mobile numbers on a 24 month contract. The data allowances aren’t bad too with 500mbs being available on the base 35 euro plan, 2GB’s on the 55 euro plan and 6GB’s on the top tier, 75 euro plan. Check out the images below.

What makes these plans different from everyone else comes from the fact that on the mid priced plan for an additional 10 euro extra a month you can upgrade your phone for free annually by trading in your last phone. This is also available on the top tier plan of 75 euro for no extra cost. For those that like to upgrade annually this could work out to be good value. It’s certainly a novel way of enticing customers to your network.

I still believe the market as a whole is moving more towards sim only plans but for those that like to have the latest device every year these plans could be attractive.

More details here: http://www.vodafone.ie/red

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