Dublin city council has launched it’s free WiFi hotspots around select locations in the city centre. You have to register in advance to use it. This can be done here on the Gowex website. Gowex is a provider of municipal WiFi hot spots in a number of countries around the world including France, Spain, Argentina and now Ireland. Now you’re not going to be blown away by the speeds of the WiFi at 128k upload and 512K download but what do you want for free. The council also commissioned pixel artist Craig Robinson to create 14 icons of Dublin which you’ll see on the WiFi signs around the city including, Rugby guy, Pyjama girl, Viking, Molly Malone and many many more. Apps for Android and iOS are available here and there’s videos below. A map of the locations with the WiFi zones is available here. Will post back once I’ve gotten to try it out. If you get to let us know what it’s like.




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