Meteor today announced major news re their MyMeteor service –

Hi guys,

Our new MyMeteor service is launcing this week and it’s going to be packed full of great new features for both Pay As You Go and Bill Pay customers.

You’ll now have the option of sending up to 100 international web-texts each month as well as viewing your sent items, scheduling a text and much more. When you do log in you’ll have more information readily available and will also notice that the look and feel to your MyMeteor account has changed quite a bit. 

The new service becomes available on Thursday when everyone will need to register again before logging in. All you need to register is your mobile number, MyMeteor PIN and a valid email address. If you’ve forgotten your PIN don’t worry, just click ‘Forgot PIN’ and follow the steps.

We hope you enjoy the new look as well as the cool new features it brings. If you’ve any queries around this or any other issue just drop us a post and as usual we’ll be happy to help. 


The Meteor Team 




Following further confirmation from Meteor today it now appears that their Twitter team jumped the gun a little!! International webtexts are not yet operational to customers, other than testers of their new My Meteor website 🙁

They have confirmed however that once the new service becomes available in the near future all customers will be able to avail of international webtexts and be able to use third party apps to send them.

Meteor today confirmed through their twitter account @Meteor_Mobile that international webtexts are now in operation, but also that Meteor customers can now use third party apps to avail of these international webtexts.


Well, after a few years of waiting patiently, see here for just one of many enquiries on Meteors own forum as far back as February 2012, it would seem that Meteor Ireland has at last listened to its customers re the lack of international and scheduled webtexts!! Today, Meteor posted on their forum here looking for testers of its new MyMeteor service before it is rolled out to the general public.

Hi Guys,

We know you love your webtexts and we have listened to your feedback. You asked for international texts, for scheduled texts and to be able to see your sent items. Well we’ve added all this and plenty more to the new MyMeteor service.This will be ready to launch soon but in the meantime we’re looking for Meteor customers who would like a sneak preview of the new service. Plus if that wasn’t enough two lucky testers will win a brand spanking new Sony Xperia T!!!”




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