NRG Awareness plans to revolutionise how homes & businesses are heated

Cork-based NRG Awareness, the energy company driving down costs for homes and businesses, has launched an innovative new containerised heating system that is the first of its kind in the world.

The Sea Box Energy Intermodal Commercial heating solution is a central heating solution designed as a cost-effective and highly energy-efficient means of providing heating and domestic hot water supplies in any new-build. The system is so versatile, it can also be retrofitted to older buildings. NRG Awareness promises its customers that savings from the system are immediate.

The patented ‘Heating System in a Box’ was designed by company founders Harry and David Rea and is the next generation of a previous patented invention, System Zone, which was amongst the first products of its kind to allow for zoned heating.

Rapidly installed on site, the Intermodal box eliminates the hassles typically involved in such projects with an emphasis on user-friendliness and low maintenance NRG Awareness powered by Sea Box Energy has also partnered with Grenke Commercial Finance to provide affordable and cost-effective leasing packages for any enterprises.

NRG Awareness, Managing Director, Patrick Hogan said: “This is a unique offering, as it provides an engineered comfort system that is more affordable through the leasing options from Grenke Commercial Finance. We have significant plans for growth over the coming years, which will result in major investment into the Irish economy. We are excited about the future for NRG Awareness as we grow the business and create jobs in Ireland.”

“At NRG Awareness powered Sea Box Energy it is our aim to ensure we make heating homes and businesses as efficiently and cost-effectively for our customers as possible. The NRG Awareness product range and service model was developed with an understanding that not all clients will have the same requirements.”

NRG Awareness powered by Sea Box Energy recently announced plans to create 70 new jobs within the next two years. The company expects to expand significantly and grow its direct staff numbers from seven to 30 by the end of 2019, while its growth will be responsible for up to 50 new heating installer jobs around the country. The company already works directly with up to 150 heating installers on a regular basis around the country and predicts a turnover of €5 million by the end of 2020. The company is also working with clients in the United States and has already completed prototypes in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.

The first step for any customer with Sea Box Energy is a ‘Energy Audit’ there team will assessment of your heating system with the aim of saving you as much money as possible on your heating bills. Some clients have seen their energy bills cut by as much as 70%. The service is a ‘one stop shop’ for commercial solutions.


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