When EOS Dublin, aka Sharif Bouktila and Sam Noble,  announced its campaign to become a block producer, the two men were clear that they were here to support the building of value for the EOS Ecosystem and the community.

Today EOS Dublin is delighted to allocate 30% of its Block Producer rewards to two new funds which it will use to support projects and teams building on EOS.

Social Fund: EOS Account Name — dublinsocial

10% of the Dublin revenue is to be allocated and available to fund non-commercial / social activities for the betterment of the EOS eco-system.

Investment Fund: EOS Account Name — dublininvest

20% of the Dublin revenue is to be allocated and available to fund commercial projects, with these seed & angel investments EOS Dublin will be looking to work with great teams who are looking to cause a ruckus.

“We aren’t interested in fancy white papers or Elevator pitches, just real teams with real projects with the potential to create real value,” says Bouktila.

“We are 100% founder owned and funded, which enables us to be honest, open and crucially we will make quick decisions on the projects we will support.”

Normal Disclaimers : EOS Dublin reserves the right to change the ratio or amounts to the funds and will review each quarter to ensure all initiatives are in line with core values and those of the EOS eco-system.

“We hope other BP teams follow our lead and create their own funds,” add Bouktila. “Or we are open to other teams (or individuals) investing along side eosDublin via a syndicate.

“If you want to get in touch email [email protected] or @eosdublin on all social channels.”


If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking 

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