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Facebook likes to give an impression that it is better than the rest of the web, the internet is full of shady people who post whatever vile filth they feel like for public consumption. Not Facebook though, no Facebook is a place where you can be free and open while despicable material is removed to keep the atmosphere clean.

Really? This is the same Facebook currently making headlines for banning pictures of mothers breastfeeding and also currently telling native americans that their names are not real and trying to force them to change it on their profile. It is also the same Facebook that kick up a fuss about stage names and got the whole LGBT community on its case about it.

Despite Facebook constantly putting their foot in it, they still are determined to pedal out a friendly image with new ads. Ads that are meant to make you melt like a teenage girls heart at the sight of Justin Bieber.

“When a friendship became official…”

It is true that there is an element of announcement when you connect with a new Facebook friend, but that is only because Facebook wants to make a song and dance about it and say, “Hey, I have another friend, yay!”

A whole ad about a friend request and how its not just a friend request, oh no, that friend request can change your life.

The second advert tells the story of two 11 year olds who build a robot arm without the help of the internet.

Oh yes, you can see where this one is going, if only they had access to the internet to help them out, if only they could connect with other people around the world. Well they can! All thanks to Facebook and their project which is helping people connect and use the internet for free!

“The more we connect, the better it gets.”

Now you are probably picking up on some cynicism in this post, possibly a sarcastic tone? Well that is because it kind of frustrates me to see Facebook bluntly paint a pretty picture of their services amidst all the naming controversy they are trying to enforce via stupid naming rules while at the same time censoring photos of mothers breastfeeding. is an interesting concept, it sounds great at first. Connecting people in rural areas of the developing world to the internet for free sounds fantastic. However, remember that Facebook essentially wants to be the internet, the more time you spend on Facebook the better in their eyes.

So gives you access to a number of Facebook-approved sites for free. So you get Facebook and approved services for free?

“But Mark, what if I want to search the entire internet?”

Oh no, if you want to have a bit more freedom and search the actual internet itself, no that is going to cost you money. An interesting way of putting those users into the Facebook ecosystem and not allowing for any room to manoeuvre outside of it.

Mark Zuckerberg has high goals, he wants everyone to be connected and thats great! The only problem as such is that he wants to dictate how you are connecting with each other, and that is not always so cool.

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