Belfast based e-commerce consultancy, Export Technologies has invested £150k in new staff, infrastructure and product development thanks to signing one of the UK’s largest beauty companies, TAM Beauty.

The new roles include account managers, technical support staff and deployment managers who will be working with the IRP e-commerce platform, which TAM Beauty will be using to generate its online sales.

The IRP platform has already transacted more than £1 billion online sales for UK & Irish companies and TAM chose it due to its international capabilities and ability to generate substantial sales in a relatively short space of time.

Export Technologies has won a host of awards for its successes in e-commerce and it is already seeing excellent results with TAM.

Chris McEldowney from Export Technologies said, “Having the right online platform and strategic approach has a direct impact on sales. Our digital marketing strength coupled with the IRP’s international experience gave TAM confidence in our ability to take their online presence to the next level. The IRP has taken one client’s online sales from zero to more than £170m and we are able to apply this effective business model to the new site.”

TAM Beauty is based in Kent and distributes its brands to over 50 countries as well as selling its own range of products, Makeup Revolution, Freedom Makeup London, I Heart Makeup and DGJ Organics.

TAM Beauty e-commerce manager, Billy Breckenridge said, “We had outgrown our previous platform and the IRP fitted well with our long-term business objectives. We have our sights set firmly on international expansion and having an e-commerce platform provider and consultancy that takes a global approach offers us a great opportunity to do this.”

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