Digital Food Safety company, Kelsius, with offices in Donegal and Belfast has landed a major six figure deal with Five Guys to provide the premier global burger chain with its bespoke digital food safety solution, FoodCheck.

Spending approximately £60,000 on research and development to secure the deal, Kelsius is now supplying 50 Five Guys locations across the UK, including Belfast’s Victoria Square outlet.

With no freezers on site, everything in Five Guys is cooked from scratch, so food must be delivered and stored at exact temperatures. FoodCheck’s wireless temperature monitoring technology and digital HACCP Management system maximises product safety, which ensures regulatory compliance in this very complex area.

In addition to the safety element, it also massively reduces the costs and time associated with maintaining these standards – in some instances up to 30 hours per week.

UK IT Director for Five Guys, William Day said, “The FoodCheck paperless HACCP system is easy-to-use allowing staff to concentrate on the quality of food we provide. Records are easily and securely accessed for each location and the reporting is what really sets the system apart. This makes life much easier for a HACCP audit or inspection.”

Founded in 2003, Kelsius has offices in the United Kingdom and Ireland with a network of partners in Europe, Middle East, Australia and the USA and is revolutionising the way food is stored and cooked.

Kelsius Chief Executive, Andrew Logan said, “The Five Guys deal is a massive boost for our company and it’s a real testament to the strength of our product within the food safety sector. We now feel it has given us more confidence to attract customers of a similar size and reputation as Five Guys. We are well known in the Irish market, after previously winning contracts with MusgraveSuperValu Centra and Applegreen, but this deal has helped us broaden our customer base in the UK and with the support of our global partners furtherafield.”

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