Recently, it was revealed that Samsung smart TV’s were spying on its users and now it’s been revealed that some of their smart TV’s and Blue-Ray players are having problems going online. Samsung D and E series TV’s as well as some of their Blue-Ray players are unable to stream video from YouTube, iPlayer, Netflix and other sites worldwide.

Samsung’s Smart Hub software on their TV’s, helps users find things to watch and apps to use, is refusing to work and any software on the TV’s that tries to use the internet doesn’t work. Samsung issued the following brief statement “Samsung is aware that some consumers have reported challenges when trying to connect their Smart TVs to the Smart Hub. We are investigating the matter, and are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible”.

At the moment it appears to be a weird issue with DNS and servers. Samsung’s Smart Hub software contacts to check that they have a working internet connection. At the moment it can’t reach that server, so it assumes that the internet connection is down, and once this happens, apps trying to access the web are blocked.

There is no indication if these problems are created by hackers or any other outside source but as you can see below the issue is not yet resolved.


Until a solution is found just change your DNS settings from automatic to manual DNS, and you will be fine.

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