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One thing that I miss about living in the UK at times is how their banking system embraces technology. I was a Barclays customer when I lived in London for three years and I loved the mobile app they had, the Pingit app was dead handy and recently Ulster Bank announced that they are going to allow access to their banking app using Touch ID on iPhones.

Meanwhile I am with AIB, don’t get me wrong they are overhauling the online banking on the web and it looks really nice. Maybe it is a sign of things to come, however just yesterday I was walking past the ‘AIB Lab’ in Dundrum and noticed an electronic ad about a smartwatch app they are going to start developing.

Thats great and everything but the mobile app is still not optimised for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and it still using the design UI of iOS 5. At least work on what you have got and get it right before you start talking about the next new app for a new device.

In the UK, Barclays has now announced it will become the first British bank to allow people to make payments to each other using just their Twitter handle.

The service will be powered by their Pingit mobile app and will allow Twitter users to make fast easy payments through the social network without needing to use their bank details or a phone number. All Pingit users can take advantage of the service by simply linking their Twitter account on the Pingit app settings on their mobile device.

It will launch on the 10th March for both iOS and Android, when you have set it up all you will need is three clicks in order to pay friends, family and small businesses. The payment limit will be £1,500 per day.

Of course there are security concerns about making payments via Twitter, however Barclays stated that all transactions will take place within the Pingit app and not Twitter which means that the usual safety and security measures that the Pingit app has been using for the past few years will still apply.

Launched in 2012, Pingit has to date received 3.7m downloads and more than£1bn has been sent using the app. The new service will also be available to businesses, including the 57,000 companies in the UK currently signed up to Barclays’ Pingit service.

It is clear that mobile payments are becoming smarter and more technology orientated than before, and it is happening fast too. I just can’t wait until AIB decides to join the rest of us in the 21st century and look into making services like this available to the Irish customer base.

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