By Oscar Michel, Masters in Journalism, DCU

The Health Services Staffs Credit Union (HSSCU) has partnered up with Wizuda, on august 3, Ireland’s premier compliant data transfer and file solution.

A compliant File Share solution (CFS) will manage the email attachment of the organisation. Wizuda’s CFS solution can be purchased for as little as €8.99 per user per month, and can save businesses from the negative impacts of email breaches protecting their reputation and complying with key data regulations.

Data protection is a top priority in the countdown to upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation. All companies doing business in the EU have to be compliant to the new General Data Protection Regulation which will be active on May 20, 2018.A non-compliance will be fined €20m or 4% of global turnover.

The HSSCU is one of Ireland’s largest and strongest Credit Unions, offering a wide range of financial products and services to their members.  Member trust and loyalty is at the heart of the core values at the HSSCU and drives business decisions, operational performance and efficiencies.

Mary Peters, Operations Manager at HSSCU said “One of the features that really stands out for us is Wizuda’s CFS Microsoft Outlook plugin. Additionally, the readily available compliance reports provide instant assurance over the quality and compliance controls in place.”

Wizuda’s CFS solution gives the HSSCU maximum assurance that all its file transfers are being handled compliantly, both internally for employees and externally for clients. Anonymising and pseudonymising personal identifiers are now essential to protect the anonymity of the data subjects.

“This partnership, and the implementation of our CFS solution, is a significant step for the HSSCU in its journey to becoming data compliant. It demonstrates an understanding on their part of the seriousness of GDPR and data compliance, and our strong, easy to use solutions mean they are in safe hands. As many companies know, email is inherently insecure by nature, leaving businesses more vulnerable to a cyber-attack or a data breach. This partnership means that, as well as secure file transfer, we will be providing a vital reporting layer in line with the overall GDPR culture of accountability, enabling full demonstration of compliant processes” said Mike Ross, Comercial Director of Wizuda.

Catherine Byrne, General Manager of HSSCU added: “With the increase in cyber-attacks that are being reported across all industries, we knew we needed to act now.  We want to be at the forefront for data protection compliance and lead by example, so we spent a lot of time reviewing products in the file and data transfer space.  After a lengthy process, we selected Wizuda’s CFS solution because if offered the most in terms of security and data protection features, especially in terms of alignment with the practices encouraged by the incoming GDPR. Our members need to know that their personal data is in safe hands and that they can trust that we, as an organisation, have taken all reasonable measures to protect it.”

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