By Oscar Michel, Masters in Journalism, DCU

The premier provider of box solutions for conducting coin offerings, ICO Box, announced today the start of presale of its own ICO on August 9, 2017. 800 ICOs per year is the business plan.

“We are thrilled to make ICO technology available to promising startups whose main worry is their inability to finance their business startup costs,” said Nick Evdokimov, ICObox co-founder. “With our own ICO, ICObox is opening crowdselling know-how, which in the past was only available to blockchain startups, to the whole wide business world.”

Starting August 9, 2017 and running for 32 days, ICObox will be selling tokens to access its platform. Its ICOS token will grant its holders the right to vote in the selection of pre-screened ICOs and to buy selected tokens with a fixed discount of (on average) 75%.

ICO will be using its plateform to offer tokens in pre-screened ICOs. ICObox has raised more than $1 billion and is now the world’s first Saas ICO solution open to the public. This Token sale should attract funds to pay for ICOs new projects. Application open on August 15. The platform can be previewed at It will officially launch and be available to prospective ICOS token holders, project managers, and the public at large on Sept. 1, 2017.

In exchange for these tools they will provide to ICOS token holders a preset number of their future tokens. ICOBox will prescreen projects and present the projects which meet the established criteria to ICOS token holders. On October 2, 2017, ICOS token holders will vote to select the 10 best projects to be given the ICOBox’s tools. ICOBox intends to continue this arrangement at a pace of 10 projects per week in Q4 2017, increasing its output to 15 projects per week in Q1 2018 and 20 projects per week in Q2 2018, arriving at 800 projects in the first year of its operations.

“We believe we are opening a new chapter in both blockchain and business development,” said Evdokimov.

Projects can choose between three modules: The technology solution, the legal solution and the marketing solution.

With the technology solution , ICOBox provides a ready-to-deploy model, which can be set up and customised in under a week.

The legal solution consists of a review and advice on drafting the project’s White Paper and landing page by external legal counsels experienced in conducting ICOs, a set of contractual documents, and the token legal concept review and recommendations.

The marketing solution includes a preset marketing strategy: advertising traffic budget, critical public relations recommendations, and a bounty setup.



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