If you are looking into getting a new action cam, GoPro cameras may be the first to come to your mind. There are also new, cheaper contenders coming out of China too now, including MGCOOL with cameras like Explorer, Explorer Pro and Explorer Elite in the last two years.

MGCOOL is releasing a high-end camera comparable to GoPro 5 in 2017. Not only it will have a touch screen but it can shoot 4K HD video, it will be able to deliver 4K video at 30 fps.

4K delivers more details than 1080P 

4K video delivers incredibly sharp footage compared to 1080p. Shooting at 30fps means the shutter can go as low as 1/30 second, letting in much light as shooting. 4k @ 30fps allows a lower shutter speed meaning more light and better exposure of each frame.

The camera will not cost too much, for more updates from MGCOOL, follow MGCOOL official Facebook and Twitter page.

MGCool Explorer Action Camera reviewed

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