The world’s first startup decelerator opens the ‘call for startups’ to participate in the third edition of its program, that will take place from the 1st-15th of June. Applicants must apply before March 15th

Menorca Millennials looks for startups with the potential to scale and succeed thanks to the deceleration methodology, which includes a focus on personal due diligence that helps secure investments. Menorca Millennials, the world’s first startup decelerator, has proven its ability to achieve its goal of detecting the best international talent and startups with great potential for scaling and succeeding.

Startups from Menorca Millennials’ community have done well, with the first Exit coming from Skylight (previously Homeswipe). In addition, 14 other startups that participated in the first or the second edition of the program have raised capital with a total value of €27 million. Menorca Millennials opens its call for startups until the 15th of March. Companies from all over the world can apply to participate in the deceleration program’s third edition that will take place from the 1st to the 15th of June in the Balearic island of Menorca.

A strong and growing community Menorca Millennials’ community already has an exit: Skylight (HomeSwipe when the company joined the program). Only one year after being selected and participating in the first edition of Menorca Millennials, the startup was acquired. Skylight is a mobile app that speeds up the search of flexible-term and sublet housing. The company, based in the US, was acquired in 2016 by Common, a Brooklyn-based startup specializing in co-living. 14 companies that participated in the Menorca Millennials’ program have raised capital with a total value of €27 million. ?With a few impending announcements, this quantity is expected to increase in the next months.

‘Call for startups’ for the third edition Menorca Millennials uses its international network of partner institutions, advisors, and localized entrepreneurial communities to find the best talent and the best global startups. During 15 days, the 20 selected startups, led by serial entrepreneurs, immerse in a deceleration process in which they live together with top figures of the entrepreneurial and economical global ecosystem and with global venture capitalists.

Once the startups join the program, they become members of the Menorca Millennials’ community.

Menorca Millennials begins the process to select the startups that will participate in the third edition of the program. Applicants must apply before March 15th. ?The process includes an open call for applications as well as referrals from partner institutions. ?Menorca Millennials is a high performance program, so it is only open to early stage companies that aim to operate globally solving relevant problems in target markets worth +1Bn€, led by serial time entrepreneurs, with a validated MVP, solid metrics and that are preparing for their next financing round (Seed or Series A). All the projects should be innovative and based on disruptive technology.

The selection process of the startups is really strict. Among all the received applications -coming directly from interested startups or through Menorca Millennials’ strategic partners such as YouNoodle and Draper University- Menorca Millennials’ team will pre-select 100 projects to move forward to the 2nd round. Next the judges, composed of the 28 founding partners of Menorca Millennials and 10 advisors, will personally choose the 20 startups who they want to see in Menorca.

Menorca Millennials’ program creates a cohabitating scenario which allows team members, Experience Makers, and investors to personally analyze the team behind each company, its capabilities and skills. The program allows for “personal due diligence” which helps accelerate and secure investments. In Menorca Millennials’ second edition, which took place in June 2016, the startups collectively participated in 550 1:1 meetings with expert guests from all over the world, 200 of those being with venture capitalists that travelled to the island to personally meet the startups.

About Menorca Millennials

Menorca Millennials is the world’s first global community of decelerated startups that once a year meet in the island of Menorca. The program brings together the 20 most prominent projects of the year, led by second time entrepreneurs, with top figures of the global entrepreneurial and economic ecosystem (advisors, experts, venture capitalists). The goal of the program is to generate a reflexive atmosphere and a collaborative environment for the startups to analyze their business model and their next growth. Menorca Millennials is a unique and pioneering proposal that aggregates the world’s best talent and that
follows the philosophy of mentoring in flip flops to reduce investment risk and increase creativity and innovation.

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Menorca Millennials the world’s first startup Decelerator

Attend the world’s first startup Decelerator in Menorca. Marcos Martín co-founder explains more

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