Meet QUASA at the Leadership Summit of Blockchain 2018 in Zurich – Offering a 33.33% bonus in the ICO round.

Advisor Eugen Ambur QUASA was a guest and spoke at the Leadership Summit of Blockchain 2018 ( in Zurich with the presentation of the QUASA project

Eugen performed at the highest level among other special guest speakers, such as Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, Dr.Sc. Matthias Michel (Head of the Department of Economic Affairs of Canton Zug), Sergey Glazyev (The Advisor of the President of the Russian Federation), Louis de Bruin (IBM) and William Mougayar (Board Advisor at Ethereum Foundation). Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018 is the main conference and professional discussion of the world’s TOP experts, proactive investors and recognized visionaries in the blockchain of the future in the current state and the foreseen future of decentralized world.

It’s a global Think Tank of decision and policy makers from blockchain and crypto world

Nearly 700 participants, including Industry leaders, ICO Service Providers, Crypto funds and venture investors, family offices and asset managers, Companies and startups, which made successful ICOs and / or plan to tokenize their existing business models, blockchain experts and Global Thought Leaders this topic are coming to this event from all over the world.

A strict jury in the person of authoritative people from the world of blockchain highly appreciated the presented concept of the First open blockchain platform for cargo transportation QUASA.

QUASA is a fully integrated Blockchain system to unify the modern supply chain.

By logging transactions through an encrypted public ledger, the platform will provide users with complete control over and access to the status of their shipments. This will give entrepreneur-customers a top-down view of their product’s movements.

Slava Vasipenok, the founder of QUASA, met with Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018 with the Prince of Liechtenstein, Michael and told about the project QUASA is not just an idea but a blockchain prototype!

QUASA is creating a global logistics platform that is 100% transparent, reliable, and accessible to everyone.

We are going to eliminate bureaucracy, high commissions, location barriers, problem of trust, currency and tax risks, problems related to insurance, as well as information barriers and legal costs.

Our mission is to help cargo owners, carriers, cargo receivers, and other suitable platforms to receive and move cargos on as profitable terms as possible.

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