Businesses can generate more qualified leads :

Live Chat software helps in connecting with users at the right time. With contextual messages based on the pages the visitor visits you can establish an immediate connect with the user. This helps in proactive lead generation depending on the conversation a user is having on the website. The visitor information can be passed on to the CRM and the web pages visited by the user can be displayed within the CRM. This provided context to the salesperson who is having conversation with the prospect.

Businesses can be more targeted in their messaging:

With a  Live Chat software you can send targeted messages to visitors who are on the verge of leaving the site by capturing events like name and value of the item added to the cart and visitors who downloaded a case study by capturing events like name of the case study and the navigation path of the visitor. This helps businesses send proactive messages to the right visitor at the right time and help them in signing up for a trial.

Businesses can get better at customer communication

Live Chat software can help brands enhance their trust by providing the right experience when a visitor comes to the website. This opens the door for further communication and recommendation to fellow users of the product. As more visitors start coming in, with the right bot experience we can address the commonly asked queries via FAQ’s. This greatly enhances communication.

Businesses can Improve Profitability manifold:

Research points out that Live chat software can help in reducing the spend by close to 30% . Freeing up human agents who man phone systems to address complex inquiries allows representatives to take their time and provide better service. It also reduces the number of agents required on the call center floor as well as employee attrition due to the repetitive nature of routine calls. These leads to a lot cost savings. The routine queries that come in can be addressed using chatbots that can also acts as leadbots.

Businesses can route conversations to the right group.

You can  categorize conversations into topic based on  channels . For example if you are an E-commerce firm you can categorize conversations based on  delivery, pricing, support etc and make respective teams handle conversations. This keeps conversations accessible and routed to the right team members rather than creating several, unmanageable threads.

Integration with different products:

Ths right live chat software can help you integrate with different products.For example if your business uses Facebook Messenger, you can view all your Messenger business enquiries and support queries as conversations wherever you are – be it the app or on the web. With advanced features such as auto routing of conversations, read receipts, browser notifications, and contextual information, team members can resolve issues smarter and faster, prioritize engagement, and manage higher volumes with ease.

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