Xanadu, the Cork based global gaming technology and services provider will host a free seminar, in association with [email protected], on December 9 in Blackpool. The seminar will focus on the management of software development for multinationals, using Matchbook.com as a high profile case study.

Xanadu provides software development and support for Matchbook.com, one of the world’s largest betting exchanges. During this time Xanadu rebuilt the existing platform which facilitated the launch of a new suite of mobile applications in late 2013 and early 2014.

Using Matchbook.com as a case study, David Mills, Head of Research at Xanadu, will discuss how to manage such significant development projects, across timelines and to international requirements and standards.

Matchbook.com has experienced significant growth over the last 3 years and is embarking on an ambitious plan to grow the business further. They were reaching a point where the capacity, scalability and performance of the underlying transaction engine were no longer suitable to meet requirements,” said David Mills, Head of Research, Xanadu Consultancy.

Xanadu began working on the next stage of the Matchbook evolution, rebuilding the core trading exchange platform to provide for higher capacity and throughput. A betting exchange is modelled on a stock exchange and therefore requires extremely high transaction rates with minimal latency. This session looks at how Xanadu has embraced an in-memory event driven architecture in rebuilding the platform,” he added.

The event will cover Xanadu’s journey with Matchbook.com to date, including the technology challenges and opportunities.

The free seminar will take place in Xanadu’s newly opened 3rd floor office in River House, Blackpool on Tuesday 9 December at 5.30pm. To register you place email [email protected] or visit, www.itcork.ie

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