By @SimonCocking interview with Sergey Besedin, founder of DEScrow platform

Business Showcase: DEScrow platform

What is your background briefly?

My name is Sergey Besedin, I’m a founder of Russian Blockchain Association and anti-scam project DES.

My professional career started in 2004, when after graduating from university, I went to work as an engineer. Though, soon I got interested in economics and began to study this field. I’ve learned more about certain financial issues and in a while I joined a leasing company where I had to interact with large corporations, banks and insurance companies and close multimillion dollar deals. With this experience, in 2008 I decided to become an entrepreneur and started my own business.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

In 2015, I was connected with website promotion business, so I was very focused on IT-sphere and innovations in this field. That year I learnt about the blockchain and started to explore this revolutionary technology with a great interest. Soon I realised, how many benefits it can bring and decided to continue studying blockchain and ways of its implementation.

Besides my professional interests, I like to take part in public activities. I used to be a vice-president of sports club for alpinism and trekking for several years.

I always liked to meet and communicate with like-minded people and when I emerged into the blockchain sphere I made some efforts to form a community of blockchain enthusiasts which later transformed into a separate public organization “Blockchain Association”. It all started in my home town, Ekaterinburg, but later we opened our offices in other Russian cities.

Since 2016 I participated in various blockchain events as a speaker, organized conferences and educational courses on crypto technologies.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now? How does DES help people?

At the moment I’m concentrated on another blockchain project, DES, which is aimed to resist scam in the sphere of blockchain investments and make the ICO market healthier and more honest place. Decentralized Escrow project, or DES, is a platform that will minimize risks of ICO investments and introduce certain standards for more transparent distribution of collected funds.

DES is a tool that meets all the requirements of decentralized economy. It provides a platform for raising funds with an in-built instrument of decentralized escrow, which allows investors to control further steps of financing, via decentralized voting. In order to initiate next transaction of invested funds, the investors vote, regarding the future performance of the project. This procedure insures investors against 100% losses, caused by the unscrupulous projects. At the same time DES does not require any legislation or regulation, does not oblige, but provides a safer alternative.

Besides this, DES helps startups to stand out from the huge amount of nicely marketed projects in a “beautiful wrapper”, and demonstrate their eagerness to develop a finished product. This tool will bring out to light more reliable startups and serve as a standard for due diligence, which can bring clarity to the market of ICO.

You have a lot of entrepreneurial experience, how has this helped you with DES?

Close collaboration with large corporations, banks, insurance companies and experience of settlement of large-scale contracts helped me to understand better the structure of financial sphere and monetary policy. My blockchain-focused background brought me deeper knowledge of those processes that take place in the industry. That’s how I realised the necessity of a product like DES, that could restrain the uncontrolled growth of fraudulent ICO without bans or strict limitations.

What would you give to others looking to start a business?

My advice is to invent and initiate some truly useful products and solutions and to stand strong for your goal, regardless of the difficulties. Every single company doesn’t need to strive for multimillion-dollar revenues, a simple bakery at the corner can make more people happy than a large company selling useless things. Afterall, positive feedback from your clients makes your life better.

Who are your sources of inspiration / what do you follow to stay up to date?

I like to be aware of the events and processes going around and I communicate with many people involved in the industry. I read biographies and try to learn the from the experience of prominent actors not only entrepreneurs, but also politics, futurists, artists.

How can people find out more about you & DES?

I’m open to communication via Facebook:
and Linkedin:

You can find out more about DES on our website
twitter  Blog  Telegram channel and Telegram chat (ENG)

Anything else we should have asked?

No matter what project you’re developing, it should be built with good and honest intentions, as they are the only possible foundation for all disruptive, life-changing ventures.

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