The music industry has changed a lot in the last twenty-five years, mainly because of the internet and the advent of social media and apps like iTunes and Spotify. So I spoke to a musician who explains how these modern tools are helping artists worldwide.

Maighread Ní Ghrásta is the singer in Blackbird and Crow a Donegal Blues Band and in this episode of the Irish Tech News Podcast Maighread talks to me about how technology has enabled artists to release records, promote their gigs and book venues without having to break the bank. Maighread also talks about how Facebook helped bring them to a wider audience, and how a Facebook page called the Motley Crew which is a fan page to listeners of the Pat James show on Radio Nova is used to promote new and obscure artists. Maighread also shares some tips about using social media and how a great web designer can make all the difference when it comes to your website.

Blackbird and Crow will also be in Dublin on the 16th of December supporting the Stone Cold Hobo.

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