The 2018 Fifa World Cup will linger long in the memory as the tournament where European efficiency and tactical know-how outdid South American flare and adventure. The four remaining teams at the semi final stage are all European. But perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised. All the top players play in Europe, and it is, after all, where the game has its origins. It is in the leagues of Spain, Germany, England and Italy that fantasy football enthusiasts pit their wits against each other and the Champion’s League has come to represent the zenith of footballing achievement.

Luis Figo was one of the great football stars of recent years, who graced the Champion’s League, World Cup and European Championship. Powerful and technically gifted, his runs down the wing for Real Madrid or Portugal lit up top level matches. Retired now for quite some years, Figo still loves the beautiful game, and has lent his support to Strykz, a new ICO hoping to power their popular fantasy football game Football-Stars to the next level, through tokenization and blockchain technology.

Football Stars has been a popular game in Germany since its inception in 2016, and its affiliation with both German soccer magazine Kicker, and the Bundesliga, has turned it into the market leader in this large European country. While Germany has had a World Cup to forget, football is an incredibly popular sport in Germany and market domination there should pique the interest of investors as its overseas plans are unveiled.

The new version of Football Stars will be tokenized, meaning that ERC 20 tokens that can be exchanged on the Ethereum blockchain, will allow users to monetize their fantasy football leagues. As the operation develops, it is easy to foresee speculation in fantasy football leading to an appreciation in value of the token, the STRYKZ.

With the token sale underway since the 29th of June, Strykz has cleverly launched its product at the height of the World Cup, a time when everyone has an opinion about football and the media spotlight on the sport is at its peak. With plans to expand into the Asian market next year, Strykz has ambitions to match those of its brand ambassador Figo. The Portuguese former World Footballer of the Year promises “a compelling fan experience” and predicts that “Stryking will scale tremendously” following its launch onto the global arena.

But Strykz has ambitions beyond fantasy football. Its goal is to become a platform for football fans globally, by using tokens as incentives for fans to provide content, engage with the platform during matches, and share their knowledge of the game with the community.

Tokens are on sale until the 29th of July, so it is well advised to investigate this ICO before the final whistle blows.

Read the whitepaper, two pager.

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