World Cup season is upon us with all that it brings. So far we’ve had tears, anticipation, disappointment, and more than a little mansplaining the offside rule and why it honestly is better for England to lose this one as it makes their path to the finals easier.

So while we’re in the mood for footy, and before Finals Anxiety sets in, if your team isn’t cutting it in the real World Cup there’s always fantasy football.

The days of scribbling down your team on the back of a beer mat may not be dead and gone just yet but for the blockchain fans out there, Football-Stars brings you an advantage in the form of their STRYKZ token.

One in two people globally describe themselves as a football fan and there are 1.2 billion gamers worldwide. Combine these two and you’ve got a rapidly-growing, highly lucrative fantasy sports sector, which is where Football-Stars are taking aim.

By tokenising the Football-Stars platform via the STRYKZ sale this team will provide incentives and rewards to boost growth among their players while scoring a section of this market. There will be daily fantasies and season-long game modes all on a free-to-play monetization model, so choose your players wisely and they could end up earning you tokens. Win, lose, or draw, though, every user will earn experience points and climb up the levelling system, unlocking cool achievements, which provide exciting features such as new user titles, additional profile pictures and virtual in-game currency.

Football-Stars is live and operational since 2016 and has an existing partnership with Kicker, Germany’s biggest football magazine, since May 2017. A second partnership has been launched with the German TV station,, which broadcasts football matches from 10 different international leagues around the clock.

There are more huddles taking place between Football-Stars and Bundesliga clubs, leagues and rights holders, national and international media houses, and football communities.

This winning team bagged the Red Herring Top 100 Europe Winner for ‘most promising private technology venture from the European business region’ and have been named as one of the Top 50 Most Innovative Start-ups in Sports & Tech 2017 by HYPE Foundation.

The STRYKZ token, issued and offered by Stryking, is a smart-contract based on Ethereum ERC-20 specifications. The initial supply of tokens is limited and any future distribution will be strictly refereed as one of the major strategies of the team is to widen the user base and increase activity among token holders. Active users, developers, and contributors will be rewarded with STRYKZ tokens, which will become the premier in-game payment method for fantasy sports games. The long game strategy is to facilitate the use of this token to give access to thrilling and exclusive fan experiences through global partnerships.

You can find out more about the token sale here, join the conversation with the team and fans on Telegram, and chew over the whitepaper.

If you want skin in the game, the public sale is running now until 29th July.

No jumpers for goalposts required.

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