By @SimonCocking  Review of the second book by Declan Coyle, available to buy here. Review of his first book here.

In his first best selling book, The Green Platform, author Declan Coyle revealed the step-by-step tools to achieve significant and lasting positive change in our lives when times are tough or when we just wanted ‘more’ from life.

Now in Living The Green Platform, Declan expands our understanding of how these insights and simple techniques have influenced and inspired so many people to achieve exceptional success in their lives. The power of this truly inspirational book is that it relates authentic, honest and sincere stories of people who made the daily choice to live on the Green Platform and who became more joyful, innovative and creative people in the process.

This book builds on the concepts outlined in the previous book by Declan Coyle, ‘The Green Platform’ that we also reviewed recently. Coyle is very much an advocate of the importance, and the smart strategy, of looking at things positively. At the same time he is keen to articulate that ‘positive thinking’ alone, without effort, application, and a smart game plan is not enough, and will give the concept a bad name. This book is actually a collection of articles that he wrote for a weekly column in a national newspaper.

This approach both works well and also has it’s limitations too. In the way that it works, you know that you can pick up the book, and in 3 to 5 pages to you will be able to read another insightful, inspiring example of ways to act and live positively. This definitely made it an enjoyable book to read, as you knew that you were about to read something uplifting and inspirational. On the other hand, and this failing is something that we have also encountered in some books that have collected together the online writings of Richard Branson, is that you will find yourself at times thinking ‘haven’t I heard this story before?’ This isn’t of course a failing of each story, rather one of overall editing, to ensure that the same anecdote is not retold too many times. You might be less likely to notice this if you are not reading both books in close succession. Overall they are both great, enjoyable, useful reads, but as we often hear from our own kids, who are often our harshest critics, you may have heard some of these stories before. I’d still recommend following the concepts Coyle espouses in his writings, and it’s understandable that there are so many positive testimonies to the lives he has helped and positively influenced.

The Green Platform, by Declan Coyle, reviewed


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