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Positivity with an Irish twist. This is an interesting book to read. Part of us is always quietly cynical about ‘positive thinking’ books. At the same time, it does make sense to have your own particular strategy for how to deal with the various ups and downs that life throws at us. Declan Coyle’s approach, or ‘brand’ as it would probably be seen in the US, is to create the metaphor of a Green or Red platform. The Green Platform being a place where we take whatever the latest potentially negative piece of information, and decide whether to let it dominate and rule your day. Or do you have a method for processing all of the good, bad and ugly things that cross our path on a daily basis?

For Irish readers you might enjoy the Irish points of reference that pepper the book. It was also enjoyable for the self-aware level of narrative that recognises that not all of us may quite be able to respond like the American call centre operative he mentions in the book, that declared, joyfully, that he shined and showed his best side when dealing with angry customers. As we know, this side of the water, we are far more likely to be annoyed when another customer rants and raves down the phone at us. Despite this Coyle is right to suggest that we can still control how we chose to engage and react / or not, with the world outside. It’s not quite a case of simply saying ‘just do it’, but at the same time ‘be the change that you want to see’ does still resonate and have meaning.

Irish Tech News is just evolving from the startup phase, and now is that next stage of working out how we keep scaling and growing. We’ve knocked on many doors over the last two years and had no reply, but we persisted and we can see that, slowly, things are turning around. People that didn’t return our calls before are now wanting to do business with us. We weren’t on a Green Platform, or at least not one that we were aware of, though we do have a lovely hue of green in our logo now, but we knew that we had to stay focussed on our medium to long term goals, and not get swayed by minor bushfires or personality issues.

Therefore in this context, as we read the book, you can’t help applying it to your own business, path and journey. We aim to keep treating other people as we’d like to be treated, and in this way we have built stronger, more lasting relationships with the outside business world. Along the way, reading and reviewing books like this, and others that seek to look at purpose, integrity, and meaning, you realise it might just be possible to do the right thing, and also earn enough to pay the bills, on route to global success of course. We have the next book in the series (previewed by Pearse Lyons below) to read, and are looking forward to hearing what it has to say.


More about Declan Coyle

 Declan is a director of Andec and one of Ireland’s most internationally experienced Leadership Training & Development consultants. He is also much sought after for Executive Coaching and as a Conference Keynote speaker. He has delivered specialist programmes on leadership, management, sales and organisational development to clients in Ireland, the UK, Holland, Germany, France, Hungary, Ukraine, USA, Hong Kong, Thailand, The Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, China and Australia. Married to Annette Kinne from Australia, he has three children, Genevieve, Fionn and Alexander.

His unique use of tools such as NLP to focus Leadership Teams on personal and company goals to maintain consistently high levels of motivation and success is underpinned by harnessing the unique power of individual personality styles using the Enneagram Model. He combines this with the Red & Green Platform System he developed that has revolutionised leadership and coaching thinking and performance in companies where he has worked.

Declan has worked with government ministers, government departments, semi-state bodies, multi-national companies, SME’s and charities. He has also given regular training sessions to PLATO groups – owner managers of SME’s.  Declan has worked extensively with senior management and sales teams from companies such as Eircom, Alltech, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Takeda Pharmaceutical, Gerard Laboratories, Mars Corporation, PMI (Pharmaceutical Managers’ of Ireland), Banta Global Turnkey, Wavin, Apple, LloydsPharmacy, The Workspace Group, Meteor Electrical, Grassland Agro, Aurivo, AOL, Murphy Brown LLC. (U.S.), JD Heiskell (U.S.), Triple Crown (U.S.), California Dairy CEOs, Western Milling (U.S.), Hilmar Cheese and Dairies (U.S.), J.R. Simplot (U.S.), CRH Kentucky Eagle (U.S.), CHS (U.S.), Land O’Lakes (U.S.), Lakeland Nutrition (U.S.), US Feeds (U.S.), EMF (Canada), Poulin Grain (U.S.), Foster Farms California and various banks. He also spearheads Andec’s Secondary and Third Level Development Programme.

His success as a key motivator and executive coach for Business Leaders has in recent years been harnessed in the sports arena where he has given regular goal setting and mental strength motivational sessions to a number of GAA teams including the Cavan, Kerry, Cork (Football) Tipperary (Hurling), Down, Offaly (Football), Dublin (Hurling), and Wicklow teams. He worked closely with Kilmacud Crokes when they won the 2008 All-Ireland Club Championship. Declan is himself a former Ulster Championship medal winner who played senior football with Cavan. He also worked with the Kentucky Wildcats when they won the National Basketball Title in the U.S.

He is fluent in a number of languages including Mandarin and has a Masters degree in theology and an STL and from his post-graduate work at Ottawa University and St Paul University in Canada.

Declan has written and produced many articles and DVDs on leadership, management, sales strategies, communications, teamwork and change management.

He has been a guest on many television shows and radio programmes including The Late Late Show, The Saturday Night Show (twice), Ireland AM, The Joe B. & Denny Show, Radio Vermont and One To One With Bill Goodman in the U.S.

Dr Pearse Lyons, President & Founder of two billion-dollar company Alltech wrote the Foreword to Living The Green Platform:

The purpose of one’s life is surely to have a life full of purpose.  When you start a business with $10,000, and after 30 years it has grown to be in excess of $2 billion in revenue, with a target of $6 billion, is that what life is all about? No.  It’s not about revenue.  It’s not about profit.  It’s about having a positive impact on as many lives as you possibly can.

Living the Green Platform is about an enthusiasm, it’s about hope, and it’s about avoiding those nay-sayers and ‘energy vampires’ who are constantly reminding you that if it could be done, then it would have been done – giving you that horrible feeling of bringing you back to average. Living the Green Platform is not about average; it’s about fun, it’s about hope, and it’s about encouragement.

I’ve had the privilege of running with Declan Coyle throughout the years, and around the world. Wherever we go, we have the same message: whether we meet a local homeless person on the street and listen to his or her story, or a university professor at the local coffee shop, or call out to those elite runners who pass us like Olympic stars – it’s all about retaining the common touch.

Living the Green Platform has become a mantra for Alltech and for our 4,700 people around the world.  We’ve shared it with college basketball coaches, using its simple message to turn their athletes into a cohesive team, who then believe they can do, and go on to make that belief a reality.

I recommend you read Living the Green Platform, underline its messages, write them down, and tie them into your own objectives.  We at Alltech do this, and it has worked for us.  I have no doubt that it will work wonders for you too.

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