Nice guest piece by Alyssa Winters from Smart Home, giving you advice on what to buy for a high-tech home. 

Welcome to the times wherein almost every home appliance can be used and managed virtually. Yes, that’s right! The Bluetooth era has come a long way since then. It is pretty much replaced already with smart Wi-Fi-abled systems that most homeowners really love.

Although there were a few birth pains and bumps at first, the benefits and convenience have helped them establish their place in the home. Imagine controlling your appliances with your voice and gestures, there is an assurance that you would wish almost all of your things at home could be managed this way.

Now, if you are just starting this kind of journey, you possibly don’t have deeper knowledge about which gadgets and appliances could be a great addition to your home. According to the recent smart echo buying guide, this list could help you choose what to buy first to start making your home a smart and tech-savvy one. Here are some of the most popular ways of creating your high-tech home:

  1. Smart Lights and Bulbs

In recent times, there are already quite a lot of smart lighting fixtures that you could choose from in the market. The most recent feature that everyone is dying to have is the smartphone-enabled controls.

What makes Smart Lights and Bulbs different and edgy above all the other lighting fixtures is that there is no point of failure. Although everything is managed and controlled by your smartphone, everything is assured to work properly as long as the hub that connects the lights to your smartphone is well and functioning.

It is just that you have to shell out a few more bucks if you want to setup and install this kind of lighting system in your home.

  1. Dome Leak Sensor

Water management can be very tricky and difficult, especially if you are residing in areas where floods and rain are very common. Damages from water and leaks are inevitable in these locations, which is why dome water management and leak sensors are beneficial.

Water management and leak sensors give you a total peace of mind especially if you are out of the house or town. These products will help you manage security from water damages and leaks. By simple connecting these to your smartphones and gadgets, you can easily control leaks and water damages inside your house.

  1. Voice-Controlled Echo Dot

Echo systems are great for families. Your home really will be high-tech because you will no longer need to scroll through your smartphones just to find things on the internet. A voice-controlled echo dot will do the job for you.

The usual spaces and areas where echo dots are placed are kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms. This is because family activities are usually done here. Kids would always ask different sets of questions that any echo dot would answer. As for parents and adults, kitchen queries are also seen to be apparent.

  1. Security System

One of the essential areas to focus on when setting up a smart home or a high-tech haven is the security system. Today, there are tons of security gadgets that you can install in your house, ranging from locks and hubs to cameras and motion detectors.

However, installing a security system is very complicated, as it requires full and detailed consideration. The features of every security gadget will be nearly useless if not installed properly. Hence, it is advised that you hire professional services to finish the job.

If you find this quite hefty when it comes to the costs, you may start by trying to use DIY security kits as these all have detailed guidelines for beginners and DIY enthusiasts.

  1. Wink Hub

For a more high-tech and smarter home, your smart appliances must be all in sync and centralized. You could only do this by installing a wink hub or a port hub to connect all your gadgets inside the house.

Almost all hubs today have similar features. They usually differentiate from the way they connect and sync gadgets and their other smart features. Most hubs today can power up all of synchronizing, which makes it easier for homeowners like you to manage the gadgets.

Also, it will be more convenient on your end since hubs allow owners to oversee all gadgets connected.

  1. Thermostat

Another essential smart appliance to add to your list in building a full-proof high-tech home is the thermostat. Your home heating routines are as almost inevitable as the change of season and weather. Hence, a smart thermostat is always recommended even if you are not aiming to build a real high-tech home.

There are two main reasons why a smart thermostat is essential to any home. Firstly, there are smart thermostats today that automatically adjust the temperature according to the set room temperature in your house. And second, if you forget to turn it off especially when going on a vacation or trip, smart thermostats of today are designed to sensor if the house is empty which automatically turns itself off.

Building a high-tech home may be pricey but all are assured that these smart gadgets will do what you paid for. All of the features, systems, and designs of each are catered to show the convenience of living smart. Accordingly, these 6 things above will surely make your home even smarter than the usual.


Edited and prepared by Amy Murphy, Journalism student from DCU.

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