Dublin – 19 September – LinkedIn today launched its LinkedIn Salary tool in Ireland, giving its Irish members insights about pay levels across a variety of roles and sectors. The tool is designed to help Irish professionals to make informed career decisions and optimise their earning potential as they progress on their chosen career path.

For the first time, the LinkedIn Salary tool draws on data from the network’s members in Ireland to provide an in-depth overview of salaries across professions. This makes it an invaluable resource for those looking to enter the Irish jobs market for the first time and for professionals who are considering their next career move or who are thinking of changing career.

For example, the average salary for the following positions can now be obtained using LinkedIn’s Salary Tool:

  • Software Engineer – Base salary: €45,000 /yr. Total compensation:  €47,000 /yr
  • Sales Manager –  Base salary: €51,500 /yr. Total compensation:  : €64,000 /yr
  • Data Scientist – Base salary: €54,000  /yr
  • Chef  – Base salary: €31,200 /yr Total compensation: €31,600 /yr
  • Chief Financial Officer – Salary: €114,000  /yr
  • Pharmacist – Salary: €62,400 /yr
  • Technical Support Specialist  – Salary: €32,000 /yr
  • HR Business Partner – Salary: €60,000 /yr

Commenting on the Irish launch of LinkedIn Salary, Sharon McCooey, Head of LinkedIn Ireland, said: “One of the unknowns, when considering your career choices, and when negotiating salaries, is what the going rate is for different jobs. LinkedIn’s salary insights is designed to help get our members the information they need to make informed decisions. With the Irish jobs market heating up, it’s very important to know what you are worth.”

LinkedIn Salary offers a range of key features to help professionals make informed career decisions. These include:

  • The full remuneration package: For a given job title, LinkedIn Salary shows a detailed distribution of base salary, along with additional elements such as stock and annual bonus.
  • The highest-paying industries: LinkedIn Salary enables professionals to see the industry that pays the most for specific job titles.
  • The salaries for the top companies: LinkedIn Salary allows users to find out more about the compensation in the companies that they are interested in and allows them to be the first to know about job openings by following the company page.
  • How size of organisation affects pay: LinkedIn Salary tool allows members to view how pay differs for jobs, depending on the size of an organisation.
  • Know how salary differs with experience: LinkedIn Salary allows users to access details of how they expect their salary to change as their experience in the field.

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