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LinkedIn has announced a new app called Elevate which is designed to help people share high quality content from the companies that they work for from LinkedIn onto other social media networks and profiles.

Elevate will provide content that employees can share on services like Twitter and also onto their own personal LinkedIn page too. People are considered to be more real and more authentic than a brand so an app such as this could help to drive engagement and build new connections as it is the employees doing the sharing.

LinkedIn product manager Will Sun wrote in a blog post on the new app that;

“Our research shows that only 2 percent of employees share content their company has shared on LinkedIn, Yet they drive tremendous value. They’re responsible for about 20 percent of the overall engagement — clicks, likes, comments, and shares — that content receives. That’s not surprising given employees have 10 times more connections than their company has followers, and people tend to be considered more authentic than companies.”

Elevate will allow businesses to easily take advantage of their employees networks and organic connections. Elevate will be available on desktop, iOS and Android in the third quarter of this year. At the moment it is only available on a company invite basis from LinkedIn themselves.

LinkedIn will also have analytics tools for Elevate which will show how people engage with the content that they share. Elevate will also show employers how the content sharing translates to job views, company page followers as well as leads, sales and new connections.

Full information on the app can be found here.

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