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Meerkat is the first big player on the live streaming scene recently and soon after they launched their service Twitter cut the apps access to their social graph (the tool that meerkat previously used to connect with Twitter) and is pushing their own new app, Periscope.

There is no doubt that Periscope is the more polished app both in terms of UI and the actual user experience. Techcrunch is reporting that Twitter has been contacting celebrities who use Meerkat and have been trying to convince them that Meerkat is dying and that they should use Periscope instead.

It is a mark of just how fierce the competition is between the two services. According to Techcrunch’s sources, Twitter has also been threatening to cut off access to Amplify, a product which pairs media companies to brands and creates promotional tweets and videos to give a boost of reach to a wider audience. There are also sources indicating that Twitter is also reaching out to Vine stars and trying to convince them to use Periscope instead.

If these moves are indeed true then it signals Twitter’s push to be the number 1 live broadcasting service available. As I mentioned recently, Meerkat simply forced Twitters hand when it came to releasing Periscope, if Meerkat had not come along we probably would not have seen Periscope until later in the year.

According to Techcrunch’s sources, some of the tactics being used to convince celebrities to use Periscope instead are borderline aggressive. One source says that;

“Twitter hounds every celebrity after they try Meerkat. Almost to the point of stalking, Twitter is absolutely obsessed with Meerkat. They talk about it all the time to the point that the Periscope employees and founders are angry.”

Live streaming could possibly be the next big thing, time will soon tell however clearly Twitter believes there is not enough room for both Periscope and Meerkat. With Periscope ranked at 165 among all apps in the U.S. and 22 among social apps and Meerkat ranked at 120 overall and 1,142 among social apps, in order for Meerkat to survive they are going to have to beat Periscope and Twitter’s aggressive approach and I’m not sure they will be able to break through.

At the moment, Periscope seems like the app to take the first big step into the world of live streaming and Meerkat looks set to be a passenger along for the ride.

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