As headphones, especially over the ears ones are going to be big sellers this Christmas, but what can you buy on a reasonable budget? I recently reviewed the Even H2 headphones and not everyone will have €260 to spend which is where the Lindy NC-60 headphones come in.

Lindy is a German electronics company that was founded in 1932 and over the years they have manufactured various products from petrol lamps through to audio and USB cables and also headphones. Lindy’s NC-60 headphones offer noise cancelling which is something headphone users are now looking for. Noise Cancelling headphones are designed to cut out unwanted noise, so if you are commuting or in an office environment, you will only hear what’s coming through the headphones.

When you unbox the Lindy NC-60’s you can see the nice hard case that is used for storing the headphones. When you open the case, you can see the nice headphones and the accessories a 1.5m long 3.5mm jack cable, 1/4 adapter, dual flight adapter, and 2 AAA batteries.

Before you put the headphones on you have to put the batteries in the headphones as that’s what powers the noise cancelling on the NC-60’s. Once you have done this you will notice NC-60’s controls, a volume up/down wheel and an on/off button for the noise cancelling function. If the batteries run down, you can still use the NC-60’s but you won’t get any noise cancelling. Lindy state, that when noise cancelling is turned on you can get 72hrs at 50% volume, before you have to change the batteries.

When I put the headphones on, I was surprised at how comfortable they are, easily fitting over my ears, even when I wore a beanie hat as it was cold outside. When I started to use the headphones, I tried them without the noise cancelling and then with the noise cancelling. When noise cancelling was off the sound was good but it did not sound loud and a bit distant while you could hear sounds around you. When the noise cancelling was on the sound was clearer, much louder and the sounds around me were not as prevalent.

I also got a pleasant surprise when I found out that the NC-60’s have a built-in mic, especially as this is not mentioned in the headphones specifications, and this means that you can receive and also make phone calls. I tested the NC-60’s on an iPhone 7 and I found that when I made calls I sounded distant but when I received calls I sounded clearer.

The only downside to the NC-60’s is that they don’t have Bluetooth which means I have to make sure that I don’t misplace my lightning port to headphone adaptor. The NC-60’s make a great Christmas present for those shopping on a budget and they can be bought for €75.24 from the Lindy website.

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