Forbes has stated that “listening is an overlooked business tool”.

To be a better leader, you need to be a better listener.

Not only does listening help you empower your teams but it also makes for a productive business. Learn to listen and watch your revenues soar!

Don Harris of TalkBack will be running a half day workshop focusing on listening skills to enhance leadership.

Join the  interactive morning for practical steps on how to really listen – and lead your teams to greatness!

The workshop will cover:

  • Learn how to build trust amongst equals
  • Practical exercises in looking for body language give-aways
  • How to really listen
  • Listening or languishing – real change doesn’t just happen
  • Empower your people to lose the fear
  • Smiling is good for business
  • Laughing is good for you and your business
  • A good working atmosphere works
  • Measurement matters too
  • Healthy minds at work deliver every time
  • Empathy at Work
  • Enjoy work – productivity soars


Date: 21 Feb 2018

Time: 08h30 – 13h00

Venue: North Star Hotel, Dublin

Price: €50

For more details, please click here.

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