Leading figures within the blockchain industry have welcomed comments made by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde about the technology.

Ms Lagarde said “I think that we are about to see massive disruptions,” in an interview with CNBC on the sidelines of the IMF Annual Meetings in Washington D.C.

Nick Cowan, CEO of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, said:
“The blockchain sector has reached a critical juncture and to ensure further growth of this incipient industry we, the blockchain community, must have the support of traditional financial players. As such, it is great to see IMF head, Christine Lagarde, come out with such a positive and progressive note on digital currency. “

Casey Kuhlman, CEO of Monax, said:
“As more traditional financial institutions, both public and private, seek to be involved in the new digital economy and leverage blockchain technology to modernise their own systems, we anticipate that the financial and business sectors will evolve and adapt in a similar way. The comments by Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the IMF, lend positive attention and credibility to the blockchain industry and will in turn lead to more traditional players coming into the fold.”

During the interview, Lagarde didn’t rule out the possibility that the IMF could at some point develop its own cryptocurrency. She noted that the IMF has the Special Drawing Right (SDR), a currency the IMF created to serve as an international reserve asset, that could incorporate technology similar to cryptocurrencies.

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