International gender equality expert to address HR conference at UCC

A leading international expert will tell an event on gender equality at UCC that there is a new urgency around gender diversity in leadership roles, despite policies that should have eased the problem around the globe.

Carol Kulik, Research Professor of Human Resource Management, University of South Australia Business School says progress may be plateauing, and that visible increases in gender diversity at the top may be masking deeper, systemic gender equality.

“The question today – in Ireland, as it is in many developed countries – is not whether women can or should work.  The question is whether the work women do is valued as much as the work men do, and whether women’s work is as likely as men’s to lead to senior management roles”, said Professor Kulik.

Ahead of her appearance in Ireland, Professor Kulik also suggests that Article 41.2.1 of the Irish Constitution clearly does not reflect women’s lived reality.

“Today more than 60% of adult women in Ireland are in paid employment.  Those women face significant challenges in the form of gender pay gaps, a lack of flexibility, and obstacles to career advancement.”

Ronan Carbery of the HRRC said: “Some countries are increasing regulatory requirements that monitor organisations gender diversity composition and practices. Organisations are under pressure to increase the representation of women in senior management roles and narrow gender salary gaps. It is these issues and many more that we will discuss at this conference in September.”

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