By @SimonCocking, review of Leader iD: Here’s your personalised plan to discover your leadership profile – and how to improve 1st Edition by David Pilbeam (Author), Glenn Wallis. Available from Amazon here.


 With a diagnostic test to discover your strengths and areas to improve, you’ll become a more effective, authentic and confident leader.

 What’s your Leader ID?

 To be a confident, effective and authentic leader you need to play to your strengths. Leader ID will help you understand your inherent strengths and abilities, with practical and actionable insights on how to improve in areas where you’re not.

Leader ID gives you free access to an online profiling tool with 45 statements to rate. Once completed, you’ll receive a report detailing:

·    Your Leader ID – a personalised report showing your scoring against the 9 leadership qualities

·    Strengths – areas where you are naturally gifted

·    Development – areas where further focus is needed

·    Insights – actionable ways to develop your personal character, strengths and identity

 Your Leader ID report is your personalised leadership action plan showing areas of strength and areas to build on so you can be a better leader. You can then use the book as an individually tailored road map for your professional growth as a leader. Each chapter includes helpful insights, tools, techniques and practices that will ensure development in each area whether you want to focus on improving your leader strengths or improve areas that need more focus. Whichever you choose, Leader ID is highly flexible and will take your leadership performance to the next level.

This book is quite symptomatic of where we are at when it comes to management and leadership theories – very much about attempting to tap into the need to understand and treat your employees as rounded individuals. The quiz at the beginning is a good idea, to help you try and assess where you are actually at in terms of your strengths and weaknesses. It is well worth doing both to understand what follows in the book, and to also get a better awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses. One critique of the questions would be that they are little too transparent in what they are aiming to assess so you might be inclined to rate yourself as awesome in every area – which is not inconceivable among those David Brent managers who are far worse than they believe themselves to be. If you can try to be a little more objective then it will help you to actually get some useful insights.

It is a book that may help to provoke you to look more deeply at who you are, and how you manage and interact with those around you. The challenge of course is that good leaders will take on board these insights, whereas poor ones will think they are great anyway and not have the self awareness to realise where they need to improve. Perhaps we are on the dawn of a new type of management style, though the bro-culture of Uber for example clearly did not have this approach in their armory. We’ll see how it pans out, but this might be a useful book to consider reading.

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