The Law Society of Ireland’s Diploma Centre is offering a Diploma in Technology and IP Law commencing in February 2018. We spoke to them to find out more about the diploma, flexible on-site and online learning and what’s on offer for students who may be interested.

The Technology Industry in Ireland

Ireland has a booming tech market and has become the digital hub for Europe. It is of vital importance that all organisations and their people understand the law relating to technology and intellectual property and that all legal advisers have the requisite knowledge to advise on these matters.  The Diploma in Technology and IP Law is designed to give comprehensive coverage to the broad range of legal issues arising from technology and intellectual property in this digital age.

An overview of the Diploma in Technology and IP Law

The course which starts on 23 February 2018 is open to lawyers and non-lawyers and is designed for those working in tech, innovation, IT, research and design, product development, intellectual property roles and start-ups. The diploma which is in its sixth year charts the latest technology trends and focuses on the challenge for the law to keep up with emerging technologies –artificial intelligence, virtual reality, the internet of things, biometrics, wearable technologies and driverless cars!

Leading experts provide students with an insight into cybercrime, e-commerce, Fintech, technology, outsourcing, e-commerce and software contracts. An entire module is devoted to the fast-evolving area of social media and the law –blogging, trolling, online liability, defamation and social media in the employment context. Data protection and data management is a huge challenge for the tech sector, so the diploma provides an in-depth analysis of preparing for the GDPR. Students will be ready for the new data protection landscape in May 2018!

The Faculty

There are over 35 professionals in the associated faculty that will deliver this course, including experts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Digital Rights Ireland, Tech Law Services, Irish Tech Law News, Openjaw Technologies, Daon Technologies and the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner together with the leading Technology/IP lawyers from the top-ranking legal firms.

The Diploma Centre

The Diploma Centre, as part of the Law Society of Ireland’s Law School, has provided continuing professional education and training for over 20 years. We offer high quality, relevant course content that meets the needs of legal practitioners and business professionals in Ireland’s changing and competitive market for legal services.

We provide:

– a diverse range of postgraduate diploma and certificate courses

– course content created and delivered by leading experts and experienced practitioners

– professional legal training which combines academic theory and practical application

– flexible online learning and access to a state-of-the-art campus

Flexible on-site and online learning

Our commitment is to enhance the skills and career opportunities of our course participants and we strive to do this through a range of diverse courses which confer postgraduate qualifications and are available online; live and on-demand, providing a dynamic platform of flexible, accessible learning. All our courses are provided through blended learning and participants can attend lectures at the law school campus in Dublin 7 or watch their lectures online.

Over the years we have implemented a number of technological training initiatives which have enabled us to provide a student-centred learning approach that caters to the needs of time-poor professionals and those living outside of Dublin. Our use of webcasting, the development of an online learning hub and our blended learning approach provides multiple flexibilities to access courses, enabling us to open our courses to a national and international audience.

What other courses are on offer at the Diploma Centre

We deliver over 30 courses each year on topics such as Data Protection Practice, Aviation Leasing and Finance, Sports Law and Finance Law.

To find out more information about this course or any other course offered by The Law Society, please visit

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