Isavia, the national airport and air navigation service provider in Iceland, has teamed up with Cork based technology company, TIC, to use the new information service known as BizTweet, to allow passengers going through airports in Iceland to receive real-time updates via Facebook and Twitter at each step of their journey – from check-in to departure. “We want to give passengers the information they need instantly and through innovative means. BizTweet allows us to do so,” says Gudjon Helgason, communications officer at Isavia.

Travellers can sign up to the service through the Keflavik airport webpage,, or via their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.

CEO Paul Brugger says “BizTweet´s proven airport technology is trusted by 60 airports across 4 continents to communicate directly with their passengers, enhancing the passenger experience by providing real-time information directly to their Wi-Fi/mobile device by the passengers social platform of choice. We are delighted to be helping arriving and departing passengers at Icelandic airports with automated real-time flight information and customer services at a simple press of a button.”

Isavia plans to launch this new service on March 22nd in conjunction with the launch of a new Isavia and Keflavik airport webpage.

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