KM Medical has partnered with the Sports Surgery Clinic in Santry in a deal that will see the facility use KM’s electronic referrals system and iMedDoc software.

The Cork-based software company develops software solutions to improve the efficiency of health facility’s, doctors and to improve patient outcomes.

KM Medical’s Electronic Referral System is now running across 28 consultants at the hospital and manages an average of 1,200 referrals per month and has already greatly increased the time consultants can spend with their patients.

“It is not only fast but is more accurate and reduces the risk of mistakes. The amazing thing is that it enables our medical professionals to spend so much more time with patients’’ said Margaret English, Business Applications Manager at the Sports Surgery Clinic.

The iMedDoc software gives doctors a single, user-friendly software platform where they can manage all outpatient activity, appointments, reports and the collection of key clinical data.

This data is now being used by the clinic for unprecedented research into the length of recovery from ACL injuries. The clinic can now predict the length of recovery time of such injuries much more accurately due to the data being collected by KM’s software.

KM medical received a €150,000 investment from Enterprise Ireland who sees the company as a High Potential startup due to their ability to save capital and time for their clients while also being at the forefront of global innovation said Niall McEvoy, Manager HPSU Department (ICT) at Enterprise.

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