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Kick Off 2(KO2) @ko2cup is a 25 year old soccer game released in 1990 for the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST computers. The KO2 World Cup is taking place over two days in November at the Chocolate factory in Dublin. We chatted to Pedro Quaresma, co-organizer and host of the Kick Off 2 World Cup to find out more.

It’s a non profit event played for fun and nostalgia and we are expecting 40 players from across the EU. The original developers (Dino Dini and Steve Screech) will also be present. We currently have 30 players signed up including 4 Irish players  but I’d like to get considerably more.

Do you have a standard press release and some images / logo poster of the event / you guys / the organisers?
The images we have are just the ones on our website I’m afraid. And while Danny doesn’t like the limelight, I’ve attached a photo of the rest of the organizers (which means: me!)


Why this game?

In short: many of us have fallen in love with it back in the 90s 🙂 The speed, the control, the aftertouch, all with a single fire button, is still unparalleled these days.

Why now?

We’ve been running World Championships since 2001 in Dartford (where Kick Off’s company ANCO had its headquarters) and after having been hosted all over Europe, it’s finally the turn for Ireland to have its go! Danny made the bid to the Kick Off Association, it won the vote of the majority of the members, so here we are!

How many reunions have there been to date?

While there are tournaments everywhere on a monthly basis (with strong focus in the UK, Germany and Italy), the World Cup in Dublin will be the 15th. It has been held in the UK, Austria, Germany, Holland, Greece, Sweden, Italy…

[Pedro then got back in touch with us to make an important clarification …]

no World Cup was ever run in Sweden – it was actually in Denmark and organized by a Norwegian 🙂

What can people look forward to on the day?

The usual good disposition of a bunch of geeks coming from all over the world to play their favorite footy game! 🙂 Also, for the first time ever, the presence of both minds behind Kick Off 2 – the creator Dino Dini and the graphics guy/KOA legend/Kick Off 2002 creator Steve Screech.

We are also hoping to share the night Dublin life with our visitors, so that they understand the meaning of the word “craic”!

And let’s not forget, the game for the Shirt of Shame, a match where the 2 last players dish it out for a special friendly and cool prize! 😉

How do people contact you  / social media?

Normally through our


or our Facebook page

or Twitter

And how can they sign up?

We have included a Sign Up Now link on our webpage at

Anything else we should have asked you / you’d like to add?

We play this World Championship on original hardware: the organization and many players will bring their Commodore Amiga 500/500+/1200 and normally each player brings his own joystick – one player even manufactured his own joystick! Yes, we’re hardcore! 🙂

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