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Cathal Grogran, Managing Director – Verify Recruitment
Amanda Hay, Software Engineer – TripAdvisor
Ciara McGarry, Acting Deputy Principal & Science Teacher- St Dominics College Cabra
Róisín Healy, Community Manager – Verify Recruitment

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Promoting Technology Careers to Young Women In Ireland, by Verify Recruitment

The Ada Lovelace initiative , (A.L.I) a technology and community initiative has been launched by Verify Recruitment in Ireland. This new national initiative was founded in honour of Ada Lovelace, the inspirational mathematician and writer who is widely regarded as the first computer programmer.

The initial activity already scheduled under the Ada Lovelace Initiative is the A.L.I role model visit program, ‘A.L.I –  MY STORY’ which will take place in secondary schools across the country from September 2015.  As of August 2015, there are over 1500 Transition Year students in 8 counties across the country awaiting a role model visit in the autumn of 2015.

The aim of the A.L.I role model visits is to connect leading female professionals working in the technology industry directly with secondary school students (initially Transition Year) to discuss with the students their own personal educational background, their technology role & how they came to choose their own career path.

The motivation behind the program is to attempt to help the gender balance in the technology industry by encouraging the visibility of female STEM role models. The A.L.I role model visits will focus on improving the information channels available, to directly inspire young women to consider their potential future careers in the growing technology sector.

Cathal Grogan, Managing Director of Verify Recruitment, said “We are delighted to officially announce this new national community initiative. The team here at Verify Recruitment are thrilled to be taking action and to be helping to make real positive changes in our industry.”

The first Ada Lovelace Initiative role model visit took place in Mount Carmel Secondary school in Dublin City Centre on May the 14th 2015. In relation to her experience as the first A.L.I Role model, Amanda Hay, Software Engineer with TripAdvisor said:

“I’m very excited about the Ada Lovelace Initiative and what it can do for girls in schools around Dublin, and hopefully the rest of the country. There are a lot of ways to get involved in technology right now as a teenager, especially for women, but in order to see more girls utilizing these resources, not only do they have to know they’re out there, they also have to want to go. That’s why going into classrooms and debunking the stereotype of the “nerd” in technology will help students understand what being a developer, designer, manager, or tester actually means. I believe having more women in technology is good for businesses, good for employees, and good for girls — and & I’d love to keep visiting schools.”

David Coleman, Transition Year Coordinator at Mount Carmel Secondary School, Dublin City Centre said: “It is definitely important for students to hear about technology career options as presently this is where there are many interesting well paid jobs. Employees with certain ‘in-demand’ skills can pick and choose jobs and it’s important to let students know they are there! It is something the students might aspire to when they come into direct contact with the role models in school. It’s very important that such a person is a woman and that the female students know there are plenty of jobs for women as well as men in the technology industry.”

Róisín Healy, Community Manager at Verify Recruitment said: “We now have over 1500 students waiting for the first role model visits, spread across 8 counties in over 20 schools. Our engagement to date with the education sector has shown us that the teachers in Ireland are very keen to welcome a technology professional to their school. The feedback we received from Transition Year students in Mount Carmel Secondary School informed us that they are aware of the large quantity of roles available in technology, but they feel they lack information of the variety of roles available. Students also felt that the most talented higher-level mathematics students are the only students that are suitable for joining the technology industry. At Verify Recruitment we encourage women of all role-types working in the technology industry in Ireland to get in touch with us directly to help provide real-world information for young students. We feel students, both male and female can benefit from the opportunity to meet an experienced female technology professional.”

About Verify Recruitment

Verify Recruitment is Ireland’s leading technology recruitment agency based in Dublin City Centre, specialising in senior roles in the technology industry.  Pioneering an innovative model of recruitment, the Verify Recruitment model utilises the wisdom of the agency’s panel of over 60 independent industry experts. Members of the Verify Recruitment panel include Chief Technology Officers, VPs of Software Engineering, Operations Directors and the most experienced subject matter experts whose expertise minimises risk for employers and supports career satisfaction for candidates.

 To register your interest as a technology role model or to register your school’s interest in the initiative, please visit www.verifyrecruitment.com/ali


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