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Kevin Horek @kevinhorek, founder of the building show @buildingshow Interviewing anyone helping and/or building a product or service. Entrepreneurs, Investors, CEO’s, Social Experts, etc. Airing Aug.

How was 2014, what went well?

2014, was great. I got my first book published. Learning Zurb Foundation


I always feared writing and putting it online, so when I got asked to write a book, I had to go for it. I have always had an all or nothing personality and I needed to be accountable to something or someone for me to get it done.

How did I get asked? Well, too be 100% honest, luck and I had been using the framework for 3+ years, and had it on 3 of my jobs on LinkedIn. I made it clear that I had used the framework on many different types of projects and with many languages. The publisher originally asked the company that makes the framework to write it, they were too busy so the publisher searched LinkedIn and found me.

I also wanted to keep writing, so I reached out, on Twitter, to another writer at TechZulu and she helped me start to write articles for TechZulu –

Anything you’d do differently?

I wish I would of wrote more, just got content out there a lot earlier. I should of forced myself.

Plans for 2015 and the future?

I am super excited to be launching a radio show in August on a talk FM radio station in Atlanta. I also want to meet more people in person.

The building show – how’s it going?

Show has yet to air, it will air in August. But so far I have had a lot of interest. The pre-launch of the show has allowed me to reach out and talk to a lot of people that I have respected for many years.

What is / was your goal in starting it?

I live in a decent size city in Canada, Edmonton. I like living here, but on a global scale, it is really small. I started the show because I want to promote myself outside of Edmonton and help promote others.

What trends are you excited about?

VR and self driving cars are the two that I am the most excited about. I just ran into these guys at a conference in San Francisco that were from Australia and they had the Oculus VR headset and Leap Motion working together. It was pretty cool to experience that.

The self driving car fascinates me, I really like the idea of it saving people’s commute time, being more efficient and hoping saving a lot of lives.

What’s your background, what led you into what you are now doing?

I am a designer by trade, and I learned how to make websites when I was 12 in computer class. Ever since then I have been doing it as a hobby. In my last year of high school my dad told me about a local college that has a course on all the software I play with. So I went to the open house, applied, got accepted, left high school a month early, then got a job right out of school and have been working in the industry since. So I kind of fell into this job and I am super grateful.

What do you enjoy about how you currently work and the type of work you do?

I love everything about it. I get to create something from nothing. I get to build projects that help people. I love seeing something go live and people using and loving it.

You have a great following in twitter, is this part of how you do business (guessing yes) – how has it helped you?

Twitter, and social media, are a huge part. I have got all of my upcoming guests from just reaching out to people on Twitter and LinkedIn.

How much time does it take to stay on top of your social media digital footprint? Where else are you active as well as twitter?

For me LinkedIn has been the most important. That is how I got the book deal, the publisher reached out to me. This book deal lead to me reaching out to another author at TechZulu, and she helped me become a writer for them. Then LinkedIn got me connected with the right people to get the radio show.

Blogging, who do you follow / like what they do; Neil Patel, Blog Tyrant, Ted Rubin, none of the above or others?

I have about 30 blogs I have in my RSS reader which covers a lot of tech news, and people that I respect. I also read books by successful people and see how they do things and try and take some of the things that they do and incorporate them into my life. I also love music, and read a lot of musician biography’s. The music industry has a lot of similarities to the tech industry. I really believe that you need to try and do your spin on things and that being a bit of a rebel or misfit, can work in your favor. Look at a band like Kiss, love or hate them, they did it their way, really put their spin on things and they are one of the most successful acts of all time.

Top tips to companies trying to do well on social media?

Stay on top of it, reach out to people. People love to help, if they can. Of course you will get rejection, or never hear back. But all you need is one person to say yes and that can be the door that opens up to everything. I find people are too scared to ask.

Being a big user of social media, how do you manage life / work, and online / offline balance?

I am on it every day, multiple times. I am adding or adding people back. I am reaching out, especially to be on the radio show. I have 15 minute phone calls with my upcoming guests to get to know them better before they are on the show. It can be a full-time job, but you can just do this stuff for 20 min in bed before you fall asleep or when you are killing 5-10 min here and there throughout your day. You do this a couple times a week and you will be way ahead of most people. You will be surprised who adds you back on social media.

I put everything in my calendar, my wife and I share calendar’s and I even schedule time to hang with our daughter at night before she goes to bed. I take every Saturday off, I am never offline, but I really try to checkout and not deal with email’s, etc. on Saturday

Kevin Horek radio host, published author, creative director

phone : 780.446.5494 – setup a meeting

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my book : learning zurb foundation

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