Kantar Media Ireland has announced the launch of AdExpress, a unique advertising monitoring and insights platform. Employing 50 people between Dublin and Belfast, Kantar Media is a media monitoring and analysis provider in the Irish market.

The first service of its kind, targeted for the Irish market, AdExpress is an online platform which will allow advertising professionals to capture and analyse display ads from Ireland’s most visited websites.

Using specialised software developed by Kantar Media, the system crawls Ireland’s top websites, capturing display advertising statistics and creatives to provide brands, media owners and agencies with up-to-date, actionable insights. With AdExpress, users will be able to analyse advertising for multiple brands within a single platform, identify strategies and trends, compare campaigns and view the creative for each ad.

We’re delighted to bring AdExpress to Ireland,” Michael Lavelle, Commercial Director at Kantar Media Ireland stated.  “With growth in online advertising spend set to increase each year, we’re excited to be able to help advertisers gain more insight into how their, and their competitors’, spend is being used.

“AdExpress Online Display is the first step of the process of delivering a full 360° ad monitoring and evaluation service, as is already the case for our clients in the USA, Denmark and France”

To find out more about the service, please visit http://www.kantarmedia.ie/

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