By @SimonCocking. Kaiser Baas are an up and coming company with some interesting products. We reviewed their previous product the X150 Action Cam which compared favourably with the GoPro equivalent at a significantly cheaper price. We were interested to review their X360 camera as they have been able to get the product to market faster than some of their rivals. Available to buy from Harvey Norman in Ireland.


Once I worked out how far to push the memory card into the device – you don’t want to break it, but at the same time I wasn’t completely sure I was doing it right – then the UX on the camera is great. It’s easy to toggle between the stills and the video function, it’s logical and simple to use. The design is nice and compact, the mini tripod that comes with it is usable, and the fittings to attach it to car / bike / helmet are all good and worked well.

We used it both as a hand held camera, and also mounted on top of the car, both ways worked well, and, if it were water proof, you get the feeling it would work fine on a helmet to give you a hands free option while kayaking or cycling etc.

The next question for the camera is what to do with it, and what might be the optimal uses for it? Once there is a waterproof casing as a default (as there is with the X150 Action Cam) that might help inspire some interesting uses of the camera. It might also be interesting to have an option to just take forward or backward stills at times (though you can always crop and edit afterwards)? There is a Kaiser Baas VR set, so it might have been interesting to have had that with the camera to review at the same time to assess the quality of the footage in a VR context.

Overall Kaiser Baas seem like a company to watch with good, well made, competitively priced products, and hopefully we will see more to come from them.

Kaiser Baas X150, Action Camera Reviewed

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