Ireland’s Multinational Company (MNC) community is playing a major role in contributing to jumpAgrade’s mission to make personalised feedback accessible to all students irrespective of their ability, location or family background. The Limerick-based startup is working with large organisations across the country, where total employment at international companies in Ireland now stands above 200,000 people.

JumpAgrade is an online service for second-level students. It helps students prepare for exams by giving them tailored worksheets designed to address their individual learning needs and providing detailed personalised feedback on how to improve. “In a nutshell, jumpAgrade is the modern alternative to grinds,” said co-founder Padraic Hogan.

Employee Benefits Program

jumpAgrade is making their service available to staff of multinationals where they have been accepted into jumpAgrade’s employee benefit program. From an employee perspective, “education for the children of staff has been largely underserved where pensions, healthcare, wellbeing, childcare and even gym memberships are taking priority.” The initiative allows corporates to offer educational services to staff who may have children at second level while also fulfilling the companies Corporate Social Responsibility. The employee benefit program allows parents of second level students find a healthy work-life balance, removing the need for to drop and collect their children from “grinds” and having a service which is readily available to support their children’s educational needs.

Equality of Education Initiative

A positive side-effect of corporates offering jumpAgrade as part of their benefits is that jumpAgrade directly support students from local youth services who are less fortunate to avail of additional support outside of the classroom.  “We are helping to connect the dots between MNC’s who have a social responsibility both from an educational and community perspective to support students in need of help outside of the classroom,” said Hogan. The Equality of Education Initiative is leveling the playing field and driving positive change in the education system as a whole. Northern Trust sponsored a pilot of the program with the Limerick Youth Services prior to the Junior Cert and Leaving Cert exams in 2018.

The problem facing students and parents

The problem jumpAgrade saw was that in the typical classroom today, there are 25 students to 1 teacher. It is extremely challenging for teachers to provide 1-to-1 feedback to each student.

JumpAgrade assesses the specific challenges facing a student and the area they need assistance (e.g. 3rd year Maths student struggling on Algebra) before our team of teachers design personalised worksheets for each individual student on a weekly basis. When students submit their work, our teachers provide comprehensive feedback on how to improve their grades.

Parents also feel the pain when it comes to grinds, often taking time out of their evenings to drive to and from the grinds and frequently waiting in the car for the hour the grind is on. That’s often 2 hours or more each week, and only for one child in one subject. This time saving can have a big effect on the family at home.

Students can avail of a complimentary trial at For any companies that would like to work with jumpAgrade’s Employee Benefits Program or Equality of Education initiative, feel free to email [email protected]

About jumpAgrade: Based in the Nexus Innovation Centre at the University of Limerick. The company launched the platform in 2017, and went on to service students across the country in the past year. They also launched their Equality of Education initiative in their first year; enabling less fortunate students to receive support through jumpAgrade at no cost.

The company works with students of all levels; high achievers, those who are struggling and everyone in between. JumpAgrade maintains the 1-to-1 element of a grind while replacing the need for ‘live’ interaction, instead using the submission of work through, allowing students to work within their own schedule and without having to travel.

Having initially gone through the New Frontiers programme by Enterprise Ireland, jumpAgrade has since won the Innovation Award at the National Enterprise Awards in Limerick.



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