What is your background briefly?

I am Jose Merino, Chairman and Co-Founder of SID Limited. My journey in the workforce spans several decades, working in different multi-national companies based in different countries and continents. Having started as a microchip designer for fixed line telephony switching exchanges back in the early 80s, growing over the years in experience becoming an R&D Director for Cordless followed by mobile phones development and rising in the late 90´s to Vice President of Operations of Philips Consumer Communications in Silicon Valley.

From multinationals, I went on to create a start-up and exited as a trade sale to Vtech Holdings. It’s this wealth of industry experience that I bring into SID Limited. The operational team and Advisors at SID are diverse and complementary in their backgrounds and have more than 8 different nationalities between them, which creates positive friction and different opinions which is needed at this stage to grow into a globally diverse company.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

In my current position as Chairman and Co-Founder of SID Limited, I rely constantly on past experience in most aspects of the business, like IPR (intellectual property rights) protection of the business, R&D (research and development) of the core product, people management, fundraising process through Multinational Institutions, and so forth.

However, one thing  has never changed all throughout my career, there was always a new ingredient that I needed to learn and gain experience in, and with SID it was no exception; blockchain technology was new from a technical point of view and cryptocurrency and tokenization was new as a business model and as a fundraising mechanism.

In the brief year and a half in this new business segment it has been a rollercoaster ride in my learning curve by trial and error. As one of our SID Advisors used to say, “managing a crypto company token sale fundraising, is like having a traditional start-up but running on steroids” and I can second that observation by first-hand experience as we are right in the middle of our SID token sale (also referred to by some as an ICO).

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

The shortest pitch would be along these lines: Being right in the middle of our ICO and in parallel myself being heavily involved with our SID marketing to ensure we get sufficient exposure both in the media and in the Ad space within our financial means, still the following strategic company matters must be taken care of by myself.

  • Negotiating with strategic potential investors or with strategic Contributors for the purchase of bigger ticket SID Tokens
  • Negotiating strategic corporate deals with third-party companies that will complement SID´s product offering as well as strengthen not only the short-term but mainly the mid- to long-term viability of the SID business. Such as additional Wi-Fi internet access security, expand the future trading of SID tokens for shared internet to other third-party tokens, swap deals between SID Tokens and other tokens and into Fiat and back.
  • Get an even higher personal involvement in the communication to the existing SID community and to potential SID Token buyers through more short communications such as short videos and articles, press releases.

And last but not least, ensure that I keep leading SID by example. During the past 18 months SID has already achieved the following: 2 pending patents, MVP completed over a year ago. SID platform and Android and IOs APPs commercially released over 4 months ago. SID technology successfully released into the commercial APPs of a well-known brand called Dunkin Coffee. The private SID token sale started as one of the very few ICOs with a commercial product already in end-users hands before starting the Private Sale of SID Tokens.

Why did you get involved with this ICO?

What inspired me to get involved with SID was to be part of a company with a mission to give something back to society. It’s a noble cause which I felt that the more we extend internet access the more people would have the chance to participate in the company through an ICO or initial token sale. My hope is that, in line with the founding principles of blockchain and crypto companies, the SID Token is also taken up by many smaller token buyers as its one of the very few ICOs out there, that has a commercial product released even before we had started the private token sale of SID Tokens.

One of the satisfying things in this journey was,  when a third-party brand like the franchise of Dunkin Donuts for Spain, called Dunkin Coffee released in the first half of 2018 our SID technology inside their APP nationwide in Spain to all their users, resulting in 91 thousand active monthly users as stated by Dunlin Coffee Marketing Director in a joint press release with SID Limited. We also released our own SID branded commercial platform with the corresponding platform access through the release of the SID App on the Play-Store and on the App-Store back in the first quarter of 2018.

I would like herewith to invite everyone to join us in our venture and support our company mission by participating in our ongoing SID Token Sale by clicking here.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea?

When looking beyond the token and focusing on the utility of the core technology it becomes clear that the future of SID has a massive potential positive impact on its future users or to companies that adopt the SID technology in their own products.

The Blockchain-enabled SID platform, powered by Stellar, aims to allow free internet access to all regardless if they can afford to pay for it or not for which SID will in future enable users to consume advertisements and earn SID tokens for consumed Ads. Imagine getting paid for using the internet! The SID micropayment system that is based on the Stellar Blockchain allows many small transactions. It will have the ability to conclude transactions between SID App users, in a matter of seconds, taking future mobile e-commerce to the mobile phone of SID users. This technology has the potential to shake-up the existing telecommunications industry as it converts each mobile user to a potential internet source for other SID users, who can then sell to everyone on the SID platform and can open the electronic e-commerce even further. This will truly provide the citizen of the world with the ability to enjoy their basic human right of access to internet, reduce global poverty and reduce the digital divide.

From a technology point of view, a unique novelty is our patent pending internet sharing technology between nearby smartphones, which in the case when (i) Wi-Fi is the internet shared, it will extend the range of that Wi-Fi by SID smartphones sharing it with other SID smartphones outside of range and when (ii) Mobile internet shared, it will allow virtually anywhere on the planet to share internet simply because there are 16 times more smartphones already today than there are Wi-Fi hotspots according to Statista.

How can people discover more about SID and the team?

The easiest way to access all the information about SID, its product(s), myself and other team members is by visiting our website at www.SHareInternetData.io whilst for one to one discussions or specific questions anyone can join our SID community in our English spoken Telegram channel https://t.me/SID_English managed by our dedicated 24/7 team or send us an email at [email protected]

Anything else you’d like to add?

Maybe, what is missing is the long-term future of SID which requires some small steps now to set the scene for the medium term requirements that the business is lacking at this early stage in the company’s life cycle.

 It is my firm conviction that the growth of SID will require collaboration agreements with other blockchain and cryptocurrency industry players as well as with traditional industry players. Some of those key collaboration areas which I have identified as complementary to SID are the following:

  • To complement SID´s internet connectivity, the logical evolution is to complement it with a higher internet security specifically when SID users would connect or share Wi-Fi internet, since Mobile data is already one of the most secure internet access methods. So, for Wi-Fi I´ll be looking to collaborate with 3rd parties to provide dVPN technology, only for such countries where it is legally allowed, excluding countries as China and Russia.
  • To complement SID´s future micro-transaction which are expected to grow with the users growth in the coming years when users trade SID tokens for received shared internet by nearby smartphone or by private owned Wi-Fi, I see the need in future to ease the way for new and then existing users to easily transition between the SID Token and the traditional Fiat world and vice-versa. But also, to allow other tokens from third-parties in future to trade shared internet by SID users to be traded for third-party tokens provide those are on a public exchange.

That will allow the less fortunate to access the internet years before they would otherwise be able to afford it, but it would allow users in general to earn tokens and pay for example their utility bill in fiat by swapping SID Tokens to third-party tokens and vice-versa and swapping those previously-listed tokens to fiat and back. In essence this requires a deal with a third-party company that would provide the token swap facility and a third-party or ourselves in future to provide the technology and legally required e-banking license.

How can people contact you?

To learn more about me, simply visit my LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/jose-merino-b25b13/ whist from our website one can find the LinkedIn link to all SID our team members and most of our Advisors.

I’m easily reachable through our Telegram Channel  https://t.me/SID_English where our 24/7 Admins are in direct contact with me. Myself and other advisors are often online for question and answer chats.

I can also be contacted directly for strategic matters or business opportunities to integrate with our SID Platform or our technology, for fundraising Contributions, for any such other key corporate matters by Telegram @Jose_SID or Skype: merinojose and also by email [email protected]



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