Cpl have introduced proprietary Artificial Intelligence solutions to help their clients find the best candidate.

Cpl has invested significant resources and over 15 years of data into this project. The proprietary solutions are called Apollo and Merlin and were developed with Cpl’s partners Salesforce and Opening.io. They will facilitate:

– Building speedier shortlists for roles
– Identifying candidates that may have been missed
– Speeding up the assessment process
– Removing assumptions and unconscious bias

Peter Cosgrove, Director, Cpl Resources, said of the project: “The number one challenge for clients is finding talent in skill-short markets. We now have a technology that can work at a thousand times the speed of man, continuously searching and researching and looking for patterns to unearth the best-fit candidate. Our goal is to find the candidates our clients need, that they cannot find themselves, as quickly as possible”.

Cpl receives over 40,000 CVs a month, and both Apollo and Merlin will make it easier for recruiters to identify candidates that they may have missed which will speed up the assessment process.

Peter explained: “There is no doubt that while recruiters can be fantastic at spotting a great candidate who does not necessarily fit all the requirements of the job, they are still subject to their own interpretations and unconscious bias. AI helps with more objectivity and offers a different lens for recruiters”

“We see this technology as improving the jobs of our recruiters. Some of the data crunching and matching can take a long time and can be rather cumbersome and data heavy. AI frees up more recruiter time for influencing, persuading and selling which is the part of the job they love.”

Mark Buckley, Deputy Chief Executive and COO said “Cpl are delighted to be innovating and leading the way through AI based recruitment tools. The Apollo and Merlin tools have significant potential to transform the recruitment process. These AI tools, assist in making the recruitment process quicker and ensuring that critical recruitment decisions are made with better information and more effectively.”

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