Latest update from Jincor as they document their ICO experiences

December has started. And it’s high time to share our regular monthly report, to tell you about the progress we have made so far. This last month was very saturated with work and achievements, and we will do everything to keep this great pace further on. So, what was happening?

Jincor Beta goes public!

One of our biggest wins to date — Jincor Open Beta is now available!

More than 300 companies have signed to give it a try and about 40 have already tried it. You can regularly check the up-to-date statistics at the respective section on

All Open Beta testers are finally welcome to test some of the platform amazing features, e.g. cryptocurrency wallets for organizations and their employees (testnet ETH and JCRs for trials will be added to the registered company’s account automatically), and the whole range of non-blockchain functionalities aiming to improve the core business operations of any organization.

You can join them anytime here! But please remember that this is just the 1.0 version of the product and it’s deployed in the testnet environment, so don’t try to send real coins to wallets in beta. Within the course of at least next 6–9 months, we won’t be charging our customers for using Jincor Open Beta at all, and it will be continuously evolved and improved thanks to the help of our growing community.

Our legal structure gets even more transparent

For our team legality, transparency and high moral standards of doing business are very important, and we stick to these principles all the way through.

The last month, along with our legal partners, we not only finalized the status of JCR token — it’s neither a security nor virtual money — but also made our final jurisdiction choice for the ICO campaign — it’s Singapore. As for the organizational structure, the established company (Jincor Pte. Ltd.) is a 100% subsidiary of the parent company Jincor Ltd. incorporated in Cyprus. All legal updates can be found in our Whitepaper.

Jincor ICO is live

Jincor ICO started off on December, 1st and will last until January, 31 or when the hard cap is reached. To make the whole contribution process easier, we’ve developed a Contributor Account, which provides all the features one might need while taking part in Jincor ICO — whether it’s your own contribution or project’s support through the partner program. Upon setting up an account, one is obliged to go through the ID verification to comply with KYC / AML requirements which makes our token sale fully compliant with regulatory requirements. You can set up your personal contributor account here if you haven’t done so yet.

Stronger advisory board

The last month made our advisory board even stronger — both from strategic and technical sides — as two amazing professionals have joined our team. Jason King, a founder of (a blockchain app leveraging the sharing economy to end hunger and food waste) and Academy (an education project for blockchain developers), has become our technical advisor; and Richard Titus, an experienced blockchain investor and an ICO advisor who has founded 11+ firms including Ark Advisors, Razorfish, Schematic, and, most recent,, will be supporting Jincor as a strategic advisor.

Media appreciate ideas behind Jincor

Over the last several weeks, Jincor has been covered by dozens of media, including Forbes. Jincor co-founders, Vagan Abelyan and Vlad Kirichenko gave very frank and thorough interviews about smart contracts, our product, and the company’s future plans, so if you want to learn more about Jincor at first-hand, here are some links for you — Vlad’s interview to Entrepreneur and Vagan’s talk with Bitcoinist.

You can now watch us

We’ve decided to make it easier for you to see us — and now you can watch our video introduction on our Youtube channel or Jincor landing page. The video summarizes everything you need to know about our platform in less than 3 minutes and once again outlines the value that Jincor is about to bring into the world, irreversibly changing the ways businesses used to interact with the help of cryptocurrency transactions and smart contracts. Our co-founders tell about our team, how the idea was born, and what we aim to achieve in the end. And as a bonus, just look what an amazing view opens from our headquarters in Moscow!

The next monthly report will be published at the end of December. Stay tuned!

And as usual, we are very much looking forward to your feedback.

Jincor team

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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