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Describe the company – The Elevator Pitch!

A Blockchain and AI powered metaverse that provides a completely immersive experience to escape the bitter state that we are living in today and move out to a completely new place, world, universe or galaxy where you define the lifestyle and rules.

How are you different?

Well, DenCity is a completely new concept in itself. We are building the world’s first city on Blockchain in Virtual Reality. Talking about Blockchain, we believe that the majority of the world is still not familiar with the technology and we think that DenCity will be the first time people will actually witness the power of blockchain and its use cases. We are building one such use-case on VR, which is one of the most talked about and promising technologies people are looking up to and it is poised to grow in future. One of our major plus points is the fact that our DNX tokens, which people can earn by doing various activities in DenCity, will be of use in the real world thus removing the gap between real and pseudo-real world. This gives people much more incentive to come and join the world’s first blockchain enabled city.

Why will you do well?

Well, if you take a close look at our team, we have the perfect mix of cultures and experience. Moreover, we have already onboarded great advisors which is a validation in itself.

When was the company launched?

We have been working on DenCity for the past 6 months and we expect to speed up our processes and present to world a full fledged version of DenCity in a few months after the successful ICO.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

Talking about DenCity’s biggest wins, I would say it was when me and Andre first met and started talking about how the combination of two sectors leads to the best products. Then, we started researching and got introduced to Blockchain and thought how cool it would be to combine our existing fields with Blockchain. That’s how the concept of DenCity first came in our minds. After that, working day-night to find the perfect team was something that we pulled off in a short span of time. I believe these would be our greatest achievements.

Who are you trying to attract to your product?

Well, we don’t have any special groups in mind who we think will be avid users of DenCity. I see DenCity as a representation of life and all its aspects. We have made it with a very friendly interface so that you don’t require any expertise to use it. We are hoping to see users from different communities joining us once we launch.

What tips would you give to others looking to build their business?

Well, One thing that we at DenCity have been very focused from the beginning is about our end user. We have been very focused on our user’s behavior, motivations and ability which has helped us in taking DenCity this far.

Tell us about your team?

Well, you already know about me. Andre, an old friend of mine, is the CTO and he has worked for companies like MySpace, Yahoo and Facebook. Along with this, our team comprises of many ex-Googlers and ex-Facebook employees.

What are your plans for the future?

Well, as of now we are completely focused on DenCity and we plan to pursue this for the rest of our lives.

Anything else you’d like to add or we should have asked?

I would like to shed some light on technology powering DenCity. On the technology front, we are using the three technologies that will define our future in upcoming times. These technologies are:-

VR/AR: Interaction Layer

VR is basically the interaction layer that provides the interface for the citizens to participate, contribute and live in the environment(s).

Blockchain: Ownership Layer

Blockchain provides the ownership layer where you are the owner of the assets that you have built or earned over time. The Blockchain layer also acts as a governance layer for Denizens.

AI: The intelligence layer

With a deep integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence our system constantly learns how you are as a person and can predict or carry out your actions even when you are offline thus giving your avatar the pseudo- freedom to carry out tasks and take decisions in your absence.

How do people get in touch with you?

Well, I am available on twitter @diego_matic_ and you can reach Andre there at @broz_andre

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